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  • Anne Cooper DC
    839 1/2 So. Bundy Dr.,
    Los Angeles, California, 90049 - United States
    Phone: 310-383-8705

About Our Practice

Dr. Cooper incorporates chiropractic, aesthetics and nutrition to enhance your health.
"Since my treatments began with Dr. Cooper I have noticed an incredible difference in my body. She addressed the many issues that were compromising my quality of life. The frequency of migraines has been reduced, my stress has become more manageable because I am not in constant pain and my skin looks phenomenol. Dr. Cooper will address the concerns that are keeping you from performing at an optimal level. She is a natural born healer."

Jeanie Buss
Executive Vice President, Business
Los Angeles Lakers

"Dr. Cooper is a healer through and through! Pretty much any problem or combination of problems you may have, she can navigate your way to better health-- and whats's more you will actually enjoy getting helped!! She is serious and warm at the same time, and authority and a friend. And she doesn't waste any time either-- your session will be dense with information, so pay attention, follow her advise and things will get better.!
Fiona Apple

A native of Australia, Dr. Anne Cooper has been a licensed aesthetician with an avid Los Angeles following for over twenty five years. Early on, she realized that where there is beauty, there must be health. Dr. Cooper knows skin inside and out. As a doctor of chiropractic she is an expert on physiology and stress management. As a veteran skin expert she incorporates her exclusive blend of aesthetic treatments and sound health practices much sought after by beauty insiders and celebrities. To address deeper health issues she utilizes blood labs and hormonal tests to design a natural program of herbal and/or vitamin therapies. Dr. Cooper believes that chiropractic care is extremely beneficial and safe for the treatment of injury and pain, but equally important in preventing injury and in keeping you healthy, happy and strong, day-by-day. Regular chiropractic adjustments include manipulation to ensure a flexible, highly functioning spine along with postural retraining, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue work. "A long and vigorous life requires a spine that is flexible and aligned. Regular maintenance is a must. Chiropractic is here to help you get there, and stay there, in the healthiest way possible."

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