Chiropractor in Birmingham, Alabama (AL)

Jody S. Gray DC



  • Central Alabama Spine Center
    52 Medical Park East Dr., Suite 219
    Birmingham, Alabama, 35235 - United States
    Phone: (205)-868-3741
    Fax: (205)-868-3744

About Our Practice

We are very medically oriented chiropractors located on-campus at St. Vincent's East Hospital.

We believe strongly in a team approach. If we feel we can help you, we certainly will. If we feel you need to see someone else, we will tell you that and get you to the appropriate physician. We have the power of this hospital at our finger tips and want nothing less than to get you better, regardless of whom you need to see. If we can help you, we will. If we can not, we will get you to someone that can.

We are Tier 1 Physicians with several major health plans, we are Blue Cross Blue Shield Preferred Physicians and we accept most insurances. We are reviewed regularly by insurance companies to see if we have maintained that preferred status. We do NOT offer gimmicks, specials or "bait and switch" offerings. We provide high quality service at a fair price all day every day.

We do NOT do contracts or extensive "care plans" that you have to "pay up-front" and are quite expensive. We treat each patient as an individual and your "care plan" should be customized to you and based solely on your progress.

We are always accepting new patients and look forward to hearing from you if we are what you are looking for.

Insurance Accepted
  • We accept most major insurance plans. Please contact our office to inquire about your specific company and plan.
  • General Chiropractic
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