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  • Quiropractica Jerez
    Urbanizacion Puerta de Sevilla, Bloque 15
    Jerez de la Frontera, , 11402 -
    Phone: +34 856 056 809

About Our Practice

Dr. Mora's website is available in both English and Spanish.

Me llamo Juan Mora y soy un Doctor en Quiropráctica de EE.UU.

Antes de ser Doctor fuí paciente. Estudié Quiropráctica porque descubrí que esta profesión ayuda a reestablecer la salud y la vitalidad. La Quiropráctica se enfoca en la causa y no en el síntoma, ayudando a las personas de una manera más natural. Decidí trasladarme para Andalucía y abrí mi consulta en Jerez de la Frontera. Doy conferencias todas las semanas sobre la salud. Tengo como objetivo divulgar el mensaje de la Quiropráctica para que los Españoles se beneficien de esta profesión. La Quiropráctica lleva más de 100 años superando las expectativas de millones de pacientes que acuden a consultas Quiroprácticas en todo el mundo. ¡Aquí por fin los Gaditanos ya tienen un Quiropráctico titulado!


Hello, I am a doctor of Chiropractic trained in the United States and before studying Chiropractic, I was myself a Chiropractic patient.

My initial understanding was that Chiropractic was a “back pain” specialty and that it was an alternative to medical care. Fortunately through reading, talking with others and more importantly through my own personal experience, I found out that it was much more than that! This was an important discovery because it changed for the better, my life and the lives of my family and friends. I was so impressed, by the positive effects that Chiropractic had on my own health, attitude and general well being that I decided to study it and 7 years later graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic. In the years since, I have witnessed dramatic changes in the health of hundreds of patients that have come to see me. I have been honoured to be able to serve. Ninety percent of my patients come to the my office as referrals from others. I consider that a high compliment, one that demonstrates the high degree of patient satisfaction, trust and confidence in the care received and the impact of Chiropractic in their lives. My positive experience with Chiropractic both as Doctor and patient has given me a deep desire to share with others the magnificent gift that Chiropractic has been for me.

  • Spine Specialist
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