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New Cervical Myelopathy Case by Jeffrey C. Wang, MD

09/28/2011 -

Cervical myelopathy; prior spine surgery, now balance and handwriting problems

New Case by Paul Kraemer, MD and Shyam Kishan, MD

09/14/2011 -

Thoracolumbar deformity, 78 degrees kyphosis. Register today for the 21st Annual Dr. Tom Lowe Spine Symposium to receive up to 14 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.

New Case Presented by: Ali A. Baaj, MD, Juan S. Uribe, MD and Donald A. Smith, MD

08/24/2011 -

Thoracolumbar Junction Osteomyelitis with Kyphotic Deformity

New Case: Mild Lumbar Scoliosis and Spinal Stenosis Presented by Tyler Koski, MD

08/10/2011 -

Mild lumbar scoliosis with stenosis and facet arthropathy with synovial cyst.

New Spine Case by Stephen Lewis, MD

07/27/2011 -

High grade dysplastic spondylolisthesis, lumbosacral deformity.

New Spine Case by Iain Kalfas, MD

07/13/2011 -

Low back pain, difficulty walking, 2 previous surgeries

New Spine Case by Jeffrey S. Roh, MD

06/22/2011 -

Leg pain greater than low back pain; spinal fusion refused.

Cervical Myelopathy: Difficulty with Rapid Fine Hand Movements – New Case by Vincent Traynelis, MD

06/08/2011 -

Neck pain increases, myelopathic symptoms return: Case by Vincent Traynelis MD

New Cases: Lumbar trauma, thoracic fracture. Cervical Spine Live CME Event

05/25/2011 -

Low back pain and bilateral leg pain in a construction worker.

New Case by Rafael F. Cardona, MD

05/11/2011 -

Mid-lumbar spinal fracture in an elderly male presented by Rafael F. Cardona, MD. Visit the new technology case by John K. B. Afshar, MD. View 20 outstanding lectures from the recent Evidence-based Orthopaedic Surgery meeting hosted by the Rothman Institute.

New Case: Jeffrey S. Roh, MD - Register for SMISS Annual Meeting

04/27/2011 -

Jeffrey S. Roh, MD presents a case that demonstrates substantial cervical degenerative disease. Daniel K. Resnick, MD discusses the case.

New Case: Iatrogenic Scoliosis in a Former Rock Guitarist

04/13/2011 -

Neel Anand, MD treats iatrogenic scoliosis in an ex-rock guitarist. Tyler Koski, MD discusses the case.

New Spine Case by Jeffrey S. Roh, MD

03/23/2011 -

Jeffrey S. Roh, MD treats adult idiopathic thoracolumbar kyphoscoliosis. James Schwender, MD discusses the case.

New Spine Case by Gerard J. Girasole, MD — Post-laminectomy Instability

03/09/2011 -

Gerard J. Girasole, MD presents a highly interesting case of post-laminectomy lumbar instability. Christopher I. Shaffrey, MD discusses this case and comments on the treatment. SpineMonitor announces a new physician resource center that focuses on patients at-risk for pseudarthrosis. Additional highlights include a technology case study, new online CME, and training event for spine fellows and residents.

New Spine Case by Larry T. Khoo, MD

02/23/2011 -

Thoracic disc herniation is presented by Larry T. Khoo, MD in spinemonitor. Vincent Traynelis, MD reminds us that thoracic spinal cord compression from herniation is a serious problem and requires careful treatment strategy. In addition, residents and spine fellows are urged to consider attending a special hands-on course and we invite physicians to participate in a brief chronic musculoskeletal pain survey.

New Spondylolisthesis Case by Gerard J. Girasole, MD

02/09/2011 -

Grade I and II spondylolisthesis is the first case in spinemonitor. Gerard J. Girasole, MD details the post-MVA patient’s progress. Sigurd H. Berven, MD discusses how Dr. Girasole’s case exemplifies important principles of care. Randall W. Porter, MD presents the technology case involving a patient with lumbar pain ranging from 2/10 to 9/10. Gerald E. Rodts, Jr., MD discusses the case.

2 New Spine Cases: Dr. Rampersaud, Dr. Sembrano and Dr. Polly

01/26/2011 -

Y. Raja Rampersaud, MD leads spinemonitor with a case of lumbar flexion-distraction injury in an obese patient. David W. Polly, MD discusses the challenging clinical dilemmas. Jonathan N. Sembrano, MD and David W. Polly, MD describe minimally invasive SI joint fixation. Steven R. Garfin, MD provides insightful discussion. A spine surgical training opportunity for current spine fellows/residents is offered. Also, take part in a new online CME program.

New Spine Case by Baron S. Lonner, MD

12/15/2010 -

Baron S. Lonner, MD presents a case of 80-degree thoracic idiopathic scoliosis in today’s spinemonitor. Peter O. Newton, MD provides several insightful questions for surgeons to consider such as, Anterior release or not? – Posterior osteotomies? – Intra-operative traction? The featured technology case highlights treatment of low back and leg pain unresponsive to conservative treatment. Plus, catch up online CME programs and upcoming events.

New Case Studies by Juan S. Uribe, MD

12/01/2010 -

Today’s spinemonitor features an interesting spondylolisthesis case presented by Juan S. Uribe, MD and Clinton J. Burkett, MD. William R. Taylor, MD summarizes aspects of different approaches in his discussion. In addition, information about the Pediatric Spinal Deformity event and online CME opportunities is available.

New Case Studies by Tim Yoon, MD, PhD & Todd McCall, MD

11/10/2010 -

Tim Yoon, MD, PhD presents an interesting case of thoracic disc herniation. Michael MacMillan, MD provides an insightful discussion of Dr. Yoon’s case. SpineMonitor also presents a new thought-provoking technology case for high risk fusion patients and CME opportunities for spine professionals.


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