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New Case: Minimally Invasive Resection of an Intradural Spinal Tumor by Joshua M. Ammerman, MD

04/12/2016 -

Spinal Tumor Case, Fusion Criteria, TDR 5-year Outcomes.

Case Report: Severe Sciatica with LSS and Cyst by Joseph Aferzon, MS, MD

03/22/2016 -

Impact of ASC’s on evidence-based medicine. Transpoas approach to Lumbar Corpectomy shows high rate of patient satisfaction and functional outcomes.

New Case: Cervical Spondylolisthesis and Stenosis with Myelopathy Presented by Khoi D. Than, MD

03/09/2016 -

Recombinant Bone Morphogenetic Protein linked to reduced risk of reoperation following spine fsion for adult scoliosis.

Cervical Symptoms Recur After ADR

02/24/2016 -

MESCC and decompression surgery, acupuncture for pediatric pain.

New Case: Charcot Joint in a Paraplegic presented by Lali Sekhon, MD

02/10/2016 -

Riluzole’s potential during spinal decompression surgery

Lumbar Foraminal Spinal Stenosis, QOL After Lumbar Decompression

01/27/2016 -

Spine surgeries up; Recap of pain management 2015.

New Case: Lumbar Spinal Stenosis with Spondylolisthesis by Dwight Tyndall, MD, FAAOS

01/13/2016 -

Diabetes' association to back pain; Odd pet behavior during SCS trial.

New Lumbar Canal Spinal Stenosis Case by Jean-Pierre Mobasser, MD

12/16/2015 -

Spine Surgery Reimbursement, discectomy complications.

New Case: Lumbar Sagittal Balance Restoration

11/25/2015 -

AIS, Polypharmacy Study, Osteoporosis, Aging Population.

New Case: Lytic Lesion of the C2 Body by Stephen Lewis, MD

11/11/2015 -

Lumbar Surgery Outcomes, Physiotherapy, Epidural Anesthesia.

Lumbar Case: Sudden Right Foot Drop After Skiing

10/27/2015 -

Spine Patients with Diabetes, WC Outcome Study, MRI Variability.

New Case: Thoracic Disc Herniation, Large Partially Calcified

10/13/2015 -

Spontaneous resolution of spinal cord herniation, SpineUniverse @ NASS.

PMMA Extravasation Following Kyphoplasty

09/23/2015 -

Race and AIS Severity; Medical Marijuana

Unusual Case of Spinal Deformity: Post Herpetic Scoliosis

09/08/2015 -

Surgical patient satisfaction factors, Prescriber opioid toolkit.

New Case: Negative Lumbar MRI and Worsening Leg Weakness

08/25/2015 -

Prescriber opioid toolkit, chiropractic for chronic LBP.

Progressive Axial Low Back Pain

08/11/2015 -

Bracing and Exercise for Scoliosis, LOS Predictors in Lumbar Open Surgery.

New Spine Case Study by Michael G. Fehlings, MD

07/21/2015 -

Have you checked your Surgeon Scorecard?

AIS Case by Scott J. Luhmann, MD

07/07/2015 -

AIS with Back Pain, cervical radiculopathy. Spinal canal tumor detection technology, gabapentin abuse.

New Spine Case Study: Progressive Spinal Deformity in Nun

06/23/2015 -

Progressive Spinal Deformity, Tests for Spondylolisthesis, Radiculopathy.

New Minimally Invasive Treatment of Adjacent Segment Disease Case by Ali Baaj, MD

06/09/2015 -

Lumbar Adjacent Segment Disease, Osteomyelitis Revisited, Surgical Concerns with Spinal Cord Stimulators, Abuse-Deterrent Technology.


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