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Back Pain and Neck Pain Tips from SpineUniverse

Whiplash, Neck Trauma Treatment, Spiritual Tools for Back Pain, Weight Lifting

07/23/2014 -

Todd Albert, MD talks about whiplash. True or false? Most people experience neck pain either immediately after the injury or several days later. Spiritual tools to help you move beyond neck and back pain. Exercise Feature: weight lifting and back pain.

Scoliosis, Alternative Spinal Arthritis Treatments, Questions About Spine Surgery, Chiropractic for Sciatica

07/09/2014 -

Scoliosis in kids—view a slideshow that can help you spot scoliosis and learn what to do about it. Jason Highsmith, MD explains several alternative treatment options for Spondylosis you may not have previously considered, such as acupuncture, acupressure, as well as herbal remedies.

Back and Neck Summer Safety, Second Opinions, Sciatica and Spinal Stenosis Exercises

06/26/2014 -

Summer safety tips for your neck and back health. Is a second opinion on spine surgery rude or smart? Jason Highsmith, MD answers this important question. What you should know about your physical therapist.

Sciatica, Spondylolisthesis, SI Joint Pain, New Clinical Trial

06/11/2014 -

6 Leading Causes of Sciatica: Jean-Jacques Abitbol, MD explains what causes that pain in your lower back and leg. What is Spondylolisthesis? Did you know that some types of spondylolisthesis not only cause lower back pain, but leg pain too?

Back Pain and Sex, Exercise Tips, Osteoporosis

05/28/2014 -

See how exercise can benefit osteoporosis. Back pain doesn't mean you have to back off from enjoying a healthy sex life. Dr. Tyndall provides important information about the pros and cons of CrossFit training for the spine.

Leading Cause of Back Pain, Clinical Trial Opportunity

05/07/2014 -

Find out why muscle spasms are a leading cause of back pain but NOT the primary cause. New clinical trial opportunity for the treatment of degenerative cervical radiculopathy. Choosing a doctor who treats neck and back pain; informed choice can help you choose a trustworthy provider.

Sciatica Facts/FAQs, Stem Cells and Spine Surgery, Tactics to Manage Neck and Back Pain

04/23/2014 -

Facts and FAQs about sciatica, low back and leg pain. Learn more about BMPs and biologic materials in spine surgery. Tactical treatments help manage neck and back pain.

Back Pain Causes, Tool Predicts Osteoporosis Risk, Neck Pain

04/09/2014 -

Common and uncommon causes of back pain. FRAX® tool helps determine who's at risk for bone fractures. Neck pain video series with spine expert K. Daniel Riew, MD.

Chronic Back Pain Survey Results, Headaches, Sciatica, Spine Surgery

03/12/2014 -

See the results of The Chronic Back Pain in America 2013 survey. Learn more about Cervicogenic Headaches. Jason Highsmith, MD explains why back pain may be felt in other parts of your body.

Low Back and Leg Pain

02/20/2014 -

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, a common cause of low back and leg pain. What kind of doctor should you see to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia? Can the sacroiliac joint be the cause of your back pain?

New Year’s Resolution for Back and Neck Pain

01/15/2014 -

In our Featured Article, Jason Highsmith MD talks about getting a second opinion if you are told you need back surgery. Yoga for back pain–how doing yoga can lead to good back health.

Back Saving Tips, X-ray Myth, Choosing a Chiropractor

12/19/2013 -

Back saving tips for digging your way through winter. How Psychologists help Fibromyalgia patients.

Back pain disrupts life

11/14/2013 -

Sex and Back Pain; if you, or your partner, are among the 35 million people who have back pain, you know that back pain can disrupt your sexual relationship. Dealing with stress to deal with back pain.

Workplace back pain, risk factors to spinal fusion

10/23/2013 -

Is your job hurting your back? A study shows how your work may be the cause of much of your back pain. Overcoming risk factors to spinal fusion.

Cervical Spinal Cord Compression, Spinal Stenosis Resource, Spine Image Library

10/02/2013 -

Cervical Myelopathy and spinal cord compression. Check out the Spine Image Library, new on SpineUniverse.com for photos, x-rays, and MRIs of other patients.

Back Pain, Travel Tips and Whiplash

09/04/2013 -

In this issue: Back care on air planes—take care of your spine while traveling. Why should you read my scoliosis story? Corey McConnell explains what it was like for her—a 14-year-old girl—to go through scoliosis surgery.

Back and neck pain management

07/24/2013 -

View our pain management slideshow. Can Degenerative Disc Disease Cause Nerve Problems in the Feet? Dr. Juan Uribe, a neurosurgeon answers this question and explains how degenerative disc (DDD) disease may develop, and what patients say about their symptoms.

Sciatica slideshow: symptoms, causes, treatment

06/26/2013 -

Sciatica Slideshow–What Is It and What Gets Rid of It? What is Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)? Learn all about RA.

10 tips for spine surgery caregivers, patients

05/22/2013 -

This week's expert, Neel Anand, MD, offers 10 tips for patients considering spine surgery. Questions to ask your pharmacist or doctor about medications.

Spinal Fracture, is rest enough?

04/24/2013 -

This week's expert, Jason M. Highsmith, MD, answers a question about spinal pumps and their effectiveness for relieving back and neck pain. Strength training exercises can improve neck pain.