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Back Pain and Neck Pain Tips from SpineUniverse

Biologics, Spine Surgery and Fusion

02/08/2017 -

Osteoporosis prevention plan. Weight loss ahead—how?

Neck Pain Spine Surgery, Drug Safety Tips

02/01/2017 -

Therapeutic Massage, Working Out Sciatica

4 Strange Sciatica Causes

01/25/2017 -

Chiropractic care: how many visits are reasonable?

Discitis Spinal Disc Space Infections

01/18/2017 -

How to Spot an Unsafe Online Pharmacy

Top 10 Worst Jobs for Back Pain

01/11/2017 -

Myth-busting Sciatica, Artificial Disc Expert Q&A

Red Flag Sciatica Symptoms, Back Pain Can Be a Moving Experience

12/20/2016 -

Are NSAIDs helpful or harmful? What you need to know

Does Cold Weather Make Sciatica Worse? 7 Gifts Ease Back Pain

12/14/2016 -

Chance to win an iPad mini; 4 tactics help de-stress family gatherings

Polio-like Acute Flaccid Myelitis: Neurosurgeon Explains

11/23/2016 -

Why scoliosis affects adults and Dan Reynolds’ (Imagine Dragon) spinal disease

Sciatica—Q&A with a Spine Expert

11/09/2016 -

NSAIDs alert—harmful to you? Plus, 5 tips to a better back at any age

Outpatient Spine Surgery Centers: What to Know Before You Go

10/26/2016 -

Radiofrequency ablation treatment of back pain, Spinal inflammatory arthritis

Sciatica Insights, Chiropractic Awareness Month

10/12/2016 -

Tai Chi combats back pain, Diabetes and spine surgery.

Back Pain Myths Debunked, Bone Grafts & Spinal Fusion

09/28/2016 -

Open letter from someone with chronic pain, Drug disposal tips.

Outpatient Spine Surgery: Expert Q&A

09/14/2016 -

Regenerative medicine and stem cell basics.

6 Topics to Help You Talk With Your Spine Surgeon

08/24/2016 -

Online pharmacies: does convenience outweigh the risks? Diagnosis and treatment of the sacroiliac joint.

Summer Safety Tips for Neck and Back Health

08/10/2016 -

5 Fibromyalgia-friendly Lifestyle Tips, Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Back Pain and Spinal Tumors

07/27/2016 -

Spine tumor terms, diagnostic steps, treatment goals.

Pets Can Be Powerful Medicine, Major League Neck Surgery

07/13/2016 -

What is boutique or concierge spine care?

Stems Cells and Degenerative Disc Disease

06/22/2016 -

How safe is Yoga? Osteoporosis medications that help prevent spinal fractures.

Prince Update, Physiatrists, Spine Pain and Combo Therapies

06/08/2016 -

10 tips for choosing an alternative practitioner; Gratitude and back pain?

Bone Healing After Spine Surgery; Spinal Pumps for Chronic Pain

05/27/2016 -

Osteopenia vs osteoporosis; Sacroiliac joint treatment study results