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Back Pain and Neck Pain Tips from SpineUniverse

Shopping Tips Prevent Back and Neck Pain

11/29/2017 -

Thanksgiving Fare to Help Ease Your Back Pain

What’s Your Pain Score? Cold Weather Tips, Pars Fractures

11/15/2017 -

Thanksgiving Fare to Help Ease Your Back Pain

Spine Doctor's Treatment for Moderate Low Back Pain

11/08/2017 -

Chronic Back Pain Mind Games

Spine Safety Leaf Ranking Tips

10/25/2017 -

When Should You Get Rid of Prescription Medication?

Can Degenerative Disc Disease Cause Foot Pain?

10/16/2017 -

Celebrating World Spine Day and people with spinal disorders

World Spine Day—What to Expect

10/11/2017 -

Who gets Spina Bifida and how does it affect the spine?

Pillow Choice May Banish Back and Neck Pain

10/04/2017 -

Why adults develop scoliosis; Improvements in MIS Surgery; Pain Diet?

6 Stretching Exercises for Back Pain

09/27/2017 -

7 Over-the-Counter Pain Relief Devices: An Insiders' Guide

Ask the Expert: Can Ergonomics Reduce Back Pain?

09/20/2017 -

8 Great Yoga Moves to Prevent Back Pain

Can Lidocaine Help Neck or Back Pain?

09/13/2017 -

Cynthia’s Pain Story + 7 Exercise Tips When You Have Chronic Pain

JFK’s Back Brace and Assassination

09/06/2017 -

5 Chiropractic Services to Avoid

Pope Francis’ Sciatica

08/30/2017 -

Video—Smart Garment Aims to Prevent Back Pain

Solar Eclipse Yoga Video

08/23/2017 -

3 ways to protect yourself from radiation

JFK’s Health Fascinates Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

08/16/2017 -

SpineUniverse en Español

10 Potential Causes of Upper Back Pain

08/09/2017 -

Why can’t all patients receive a disc replacement?

Can Exercise Help Control Degenerative Disc Disease?

08/02/2017 -

How antidepressants may help back or neck pain

4 Unusual Back Pain Treatments

07/26/2017 -

Spinal disorders and urinary incontinence/bladder dysfunction

John F. Kennedy’s Chronic Back Pain

07/19/2017 -

Has the Affordable Care Act improved health in the US?

Back/Neck Pain’s 4 Fashion Offenders

07/12/2017 -

Breathing exercises and meditation can help relieve your pain

Whiplash: 5 Things You Should Know

07/05/2017 -

Is your whiplash-related neck pain serious or not?