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Back Pain and Neck Pain Tips from SpineUniverse

Disc Herniation Causes, Symptoms, Relief

05/03/2017 -

Alternative Treatments for Herniated Disc

Waking Up With Back Pain?

04/26/2017 -

Cannabis Pain Patch

Fibromyalgia Chronic Pain Sleep Tips

04/19/2017 -

Wearing your spine health on your sleeve

Spine Surgery First: 3D-printed Spinal Implant

04/12/2017 -

Not confident with your back pain treatment plan? Here's what to do.

Back Pain and Ankylosing Spondylitis

04/05/2017 -

Back Pain Relief Imposters Slideshow

Pinched Spinal Nerves: When to call an MD

03/29/2017 -

Neck pain and headaches; Balancing the benefits of NSAIDs

Spine Imaging Radiation Awareness: 3 Ways to Protect Yourself

03/22/2017 -

Prevent opioid poisoning in kids; Laminectomy choices; Paget’s Disease

Stop Driving-Related Back Pain

03/15/2017 -

Tips to Reduce Sciatica, Neck, Upper Back Pain

Spine Surgery—Right Step for You? Expert explains

03/08/2017 -

Adult scoliosis is different, Yoga research update, Obesity and back pain

Spinal Deformity in Children

03/01/2017 -

Ballerina’s story: how exercise helped her overcome a ballet injury

Does Spondylolisthesis Always Require Spine Surgery?

02/22/2017 -

Sciatica expert teaches you what you need to know

Spinal Stenosis Pain Explained

02/15/2017 -

Understanding Spinal Osteosarcomas

Biologics, Spine Surgery and Fusion

02/08/2017 -

Osteoporosis prevention plan. Weight loss ahead—how?

Neck Pain Spine Surgery, Drug Safety Tips

02/01/2017 -

Therapeutic Massage, Working Out Sciatica

4 Strange Sciatica Causes

01/25/2017 -

Chiropractic care: how many visits are reasonable?

Discitis Spinal Disc Space Infections

01/18/2017 -

How to Spot an Unsafe Online Pharmacy

Top 10 Worst Jobs for Back Pain

01/11/2017 -

Myth-busting Sciatica, Artificial Disc Expert Q&A

Red Flag Sciatica Symptoms, Back Pain Can Be a Moving Experience

12/20/2016 -

Are NSAIDs helpful or harmful? What you need to know

Does Cold Weather Make Sciatica Worse? 7 Gifts Ease Back Pain

12/14/2016 -

Chance to win an iPad mini; 4 tactics help de-stress family gatherings

Polio-like Acute Flaccid Myelitis: Neurosurgeon Explains

11/23/2016 -

Why scoliosis affects adults and Dan Reynolds’ (Imagine Dragon) spinal disease