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Back Pain and Neck Pain Tips from SpineUniverse

Back to School with No Back Pain. Find Out Which Exercise is Good for Your Back Pain?

08/26/2008 -

Our Expert, John J. Fitzgerald, MD, answers a question about arachnoiditis, a very painful condition that affects your spinal nerve roots. Be sure to choose the "right" backpack for your child. The way your child does homework could be causing back pain. You may be surprised to find out which type of exercise is helpful for your back pain.

SpineUniverse Exclusive: Airline Seat Survey Results. Spinal Cord Stimulation: Is it Safe?

08/12/2008 -

Our Expert, Edward J. Kowlowitz, MD, addresses the safety of spinal cord stimulation. How to Find a Good Medical Professional. Airline Seat Survey Results: See How Much People are Willing to Pay for Comfortable Seats.

Massage for Back Pain Relief? See What our Expert Says - Low Vitamin D Levels Can Lead to Chronic Pain

07/22/2008 -

Our Expert, Nicola V. Hawkinson, RN, RNFA, NP, addresses back pain during surgery and offers tips on getting relief. Birth control and low back pain – Scientists find a link between duration of oral contraceptives and low back pain. Tips for eating well.

Back Pain After Surgery - What's a Laminotomy - Ideal Exercises for Back Pain

07/08/2008 -

Our Expert, Edward J. Kowlowitz, MD, addresses spinal cord stimulation for patients still experiencing pain after surgery. See which aerobic exercises are recommended for back pain. Laminotomy versus Laminectomy. Neck pain tips.

Expert: Is the Doctor Wrong? Check Your Child for Scoliosis

06/24/2008 -

Varying treatment options in cousins diagnosed with scoliosis at the same time raise questions. Simple explanations of scoliosis treatments. Summer is a great time to check your child for scoliosis.

Expert Question: Is Radiofrequency Rhizotomy the Answer for Neck Pain? Visit our Back Pain Condition Center!

06/10/2008 -

Visiting the SpineUniverse Back Pain Condition Center should be your #1 priority as you figure out treatment options and how to get rid of your pain. Learn about available surgical options for your cervical spine.

Expert Question: Can Degenerative Disc Disease Spread? Back Pain Stretches

05/27/2008 -

Spinal Cord Stimulation Treatment for Chronic Pain. Mattress Selection and Back Pain Reduction.

May is National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month

05/13/2008 -

This is a special spineadvisor all about Osteoporosis.Ask the Expert Question -Test Time: Osteoporosis Screening. Do You Really Want to Take a Risk on Osteoporosis? Eating to Avoid Osteoporosis.

Herniated Discs Follow-up: Treatment Options

04/22/2008 -

Spine Surgery Basics: Foraminotomy. Walking is a great exercise that people can easily fit into their daily schedule and is great for relieving and preventing back pain.

Neck Pain Patients Prefer Acupuncture - Herniated Discs Cause Leg Pain? How?

04/08/2008 -

Acupuncture and spinal injections both involve needles, but their similarities end there. 

Pain Management Special Edition - Muscle Relaxants, Nerve Blocks, and More

03/25/2008 -

5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Back. Pump it Up: How Spinal Pumps Work. Interventional Pain Management for Chonic Pain Relief.

Help—It Hurts to Walk! - All About Physical Therapy - Protect Yourself from Medical Errors

03/11/2008 -

10 easy-to-implement tips to keep your spine in line. Our expert answers a question from a patient with Spinal Stensosis and pain while walking. Everything you need to know before you see a Physical Therapist and begin Physical Therapy.

Survey Results: Back Pain has a negative impact on sexual satisfaction? - How do sit-ups help my spine?

02/27/2008 -

72% of sexually active respondents reported they had sex less frequently than before their back pain began. Eat right to lose weight. Bracing for Scoliosis.

Survey Results: Which Treatment Options Work for Back Pain? - Home Treatment for Herniated Discs

02/13/2008 -

Computer Screen Choice and Placement: Ergonomic Tips to Avoid Neck and Shoulder Pain. New Survey: Sex and Back Pain -What does back pain do to your sex life?

Pain Management 101: Epidural Steroid Injections - Survey on which Treatment Helped Your Back Pain

01/23/2008 -

Do Epidural Spine Injections Hurt? Do they Help? Become an Empowered Patient by preparing for your doctor's visit. Airbags + Seat Belts = Spine Protection.

What is Sciatica? - Can I exercise after surgery? - Selecting the Right Mattress

01/09/2008 -

Find out how soon you should exercise after spine surgery. Is Sciatica really a disorder? Save your back with sleep by selecting the right mattress.

Weight Gain and Back Pain at the Holidays

12/12/2007 -

Our December 12th Spineadvisor shows readers what they can do to prevent holiday weight gain.

Snap, Crack, Pop at the Chiropractor. What's going on?

11/28/2007 -

Learn what goes on in a spinal adjustment and how a chiropractor uses that "pop" to ease your pain.

Don’t smoke away your chances for successful spine surgery

11/14/2007 -

The Spineadvisor offers a valuable warning about the way that smoking can reduce your chance for a successful recover from surgery

SpineUniverse eNewsletter - Bone Building Tips to Strengthen Your Spine

10/23/2007 -

Calcium is not the only food supplement your body needs for strong bones. A range of other minerals, vitamins, and trace elements work together playing an important part in bone health.