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Back Pain and Neck Pain Tips from SpineUniverse

Back Pain Prevention Tips for Right Now

09/25/2012 -

In his most recent blog post, Scott L. Blumenthal, MD, talks about performing the first artificial disc replacement in the US and a short history of ADR. This fall, learn how to avoid back pain while raking leaves.

What's Your Pain Feel Like?

09/11/2012 -

The do's & don'ts of exercise for people with back pain; this week's expert, Neel Anand, MD, answers a question from a Twitter follower in this week's Ask the Expert. Preventing backpack syndrome, taking care of your child's back.

Tried This for Your Pain Yet?

08/21/2012 -

This week's expert, Edward J. Kowlowitz, MD, answers a question about implanted, spinal cord stimulation devices. What's going on with your back pain? Watch this video to get an idea of what's causing your back pain.

What Caused Your Back Pain?

08/07/2012 -

What can you do for low back pain when you're pregnant? This week's expert, Nicola V. Hawkinson, DNP, RN, answers this question in our featured Expert Blog post. Are you planning to spend many hours watching the Summer Olympics? Get tips on how to avoid back pain from too sitting too many hours in front of the TV.

Are You Hurting Your Chances for Good Spine Treatment?

07/24/2012 -

Lifestyle factors that can seriously hinder your chances for spine surgery success; new blog post by Neel Anand, MD. See spine surgery in action in this informative video.

Can You Have Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

07/10/2012 -

This week's expert, Neel Anand, MD, answers a question about minimally invasive spine surgery if you've experienced spinal trauma. Do lower back, hip, buttock and/or pelvic pain disrupt your sleep?

Should You Be Worried about This Spine Condition?

06/26/2012 -

Healthcare Insanity: It's All About You: Bill Paquin, Vertical Health CEO, talks about bearing responsibility for the state of our health. What are the different types of arthritis that can affect the spine?

Step into Summer with these Exercises

06/12/2012 -

Treating degenerative disc disease with chiropractic care. Weight lifting and back pain. Nick Shamie, MD explains the facts about low back pain and SI joint-related pain.

How Pilates Helps with Posture and Pain

05/22/2012 -

This week's expert, Dana L. Davis, MPT, explains how pilates may be able to help your back pain. Chiropractic care for back pain.

Do This to Prevent Back Pain Now

04/24/2012 -

5 strategies to help you take control of your pain. This week's expert Bill Paquin, CEO of Vertical Health, explains how.

5 At-home Neck Pain Treatments

04/10/2012 -

This week's expert, Dana L. Davis, MPT, explains why adding Pilates to your exercise routine is beneficial for your low back pain. From stretching to using hot and cold packs, we show you 5 easy at-home treatments to help you get some neck pain relief.

Becoming an Empowered Back Pain Patient

03/27/2012 -

This week's featured expert blog comes from Bill Paquin, CEO of Vertical Health (which runs SpineUniverse). As a chronic back pain patient, he knows exactly what you're dealing with. His insights may help you make better decisions as an empowered patient.

Should You Try this for a Healthy Spine?

03/13/2012 -

This week's expert, Neel Anand, MD, answers a question about what option is better, minimally invasive or open back spine surgery. Should you take vitamins or herbs—or both? Watch this short video on low back pain, and learn about the different causes and treatments for this common type of pain.

Try this Alternative Treatment for Back Pain

02/22/2012 -

This week's expert, Jason M. Highsmith, MD, answers a question about low back pain and pregnancy. A simple, yet effective neck pain stretch you can do even while watching TV: Try it out now! Massage not only helps reduce back pain, but it can also help ease stress and improve flexibility.

Is Spine Surgery Worth it?

02/08/2012 -

What to expect after minimally invasive spine surgery? This week's expert, Neel Anand, MD, answers this important question. The recovery phase: what you need to know about life after spine surgery.

What Does Good Posture Look Like?

01/25/2012 -

This week's expert, Reginald Q. Knight, MD, MHA, answers a question about whether surgery is needed for degenerative disc disease. Posture-friendly tips—Get a glimpse of what good posture looks like and learn how it can help prevent back pain. Scoliosis in kids: Find out how to spot it and how to treat it.

The #1 Way to Prevent Back Pain in 2012

01/11/2012 -

This week's expert, Jason M. Highsmith, MD, answers the question "If I Lose Weight, Will I Still Need Surgery for a Herniated Disc?" Stretches for a healthy spine. The #1 way to prevent back pain.

Indoor Exercise Ideas for Winter

12/21/2011 -

Should I have surgery for spondylosis? This week's expert, Reginald Q. Knight, MD, MHA, answers this serious question. Top tips for shoveling snow. 4 yoga poses for back pain.

A Stress Survival Plan for the Holidays

12/07/2011 -

Can exercise keep degenerative disc disease at bay? This Week's Expert, Mitchell F. Miglis, DC, answers this question. SpineUniverse launches expert blogs. See the SpineUniverse guide to surviving holiday stress.

The Holidays Don't Have to Add to Your Back Pain

11/16/2011 -

This weeks expert, Neel Anand, MD, answers the question: "How Active Can You Be after Spine Surgery?" Learn 3 neck stretches to prevent neck pain. 4 tips to prevent back pain this Thanksgiving.