Chronic Back Pain in America 2015:
Survey Results

Doctors Who Prescribe Medication to Treat Chronic Back Pain

Prescriber habits and patients' perceptions

If you live with chronic back pain, how would you describe your average pain? SpineUniverse asked people with chronic back, mid back and neck pain that question in its Chronic Back Pain in America 2015 survey. As you probably know, many patients with a spine problem may experience pain and other symptoms (eg, muscle spasms, tingling sensations) elsewhere in their back. In Table 1 (below), 20%+ of survey participants described their pain as “strong pain.”
Woman holding her back having pain

Average level of back, neck, mid back pain, results of Chronic Back Pain in America surveyOpioids/Narcotics Use
From the survey results, the majority of people take narcotics (painkillers) to help manage their symptoms. Patients with any spine pain at any level—neck, mid back, low back and/or sacrum—reported either their primary care physician or pain management specialist prescribed their pain medications.

Other related questions and interesting answers are featured below.

Does your doctor prescribe opioids (narcotics) to help you manage chronic spine pain?

Doctor prescribed opioidsDid patients find it difficult to fill an Rx for an opioid at their pharmacy?

  • 73% (n=119) reported “No”
  • 27% (n=44) reported “Yes”

Do you have a “treatment agreement” with your prescribing doctor?

Treatment agreementAs reported in this survey, how common was urine drug testing?

  • 46% (n=131) reported “No”
  • 38% (n=108) reported “Yes”

Do you feel your prescribing doctor trusts you with your medications?

Physician trusts patient with medication

Updated on: 03/22/17
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