Spine Foundation and Spine 10x25 Initiatives Focus on Reducing Spine-Related Disability

The Spine Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, and a division of the North American Spine Society—the largest professional spine society in the world. The goal of the Spine Foundation is to reduce spine-related disability by 10% by the year 2025. Globally, spine-related disorders are the leading cause of disability outpacing other causes such as diabetes, lung cancer, and malaria. To accomplish its goal, the Spine Foundation's "Spine 10 x 25" initiative is cohesively aimed at improving spinal health care through research, education and advocacy.

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Meeting Highlights from the 2nd Annual Spine 10 x 25 Summit: Technology Update

Psychosocial Risk Factors for Extended Disability
Why do some people recover from an acute musculoskeletal injury, while others transition out of the acute injury phase in the opposite direction—toward chronic disability? Kyle Babick, PhD explains.

Spine-Related Disability: Understanding the Global Burden of Disease Studies
Understanding the global burden of spine-related disability was the focus of a recent presentation by Nicola V. Hawkinson, DNP, RN, RNFA at the 2nd Annual Spine 10 x 25 Summit.

Keys to Understanding Spine-Related Disability
Robert Barth, PhD, discusses three sets of key references he believes critical to changing our understanding of spine-related disability.

Role of Workers' Compensation Data in Spinal Disability
Keith Rosenblum spoke about the unique role workers’ compensation data may play stemming from the rising tide of spinal disability costs worldwide.

Updated on: 01/31/17
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