Thoracic Screw Placement in Deformity: Technique Pitfalls, Complications, Results

Thoracic Screw Placement in Deformity: Technique Pitfalls, Complications, Results

The Discography Controversy

Discography, also called 'provocative disk injection', has been used as a diagnostic modality for spine pain since the middle of the 20th century. This article summarizes the beliefs in lumbar and cervical discography.

Surgical Technique: Cervicothoracic Junction Arthroplasty

This case covers several controversial areas in the field of arthroplasty spine surgery.

Cervicothoracic Junction Arthroplasty

Case report of a 25-year-old woman who elected to have a Bryan disc cervical prosthesis placed after decompression at two levels.

Spinal Trauma Intervention: MAST Fusion

Case report of an elderly patient offered percutaneous pedicle screw fixation using MAST, Minimal Access Spinal Technology.

MAST Fusion Discussion: Spinal Trauma

Case report demonstrates the application of minimally invasive spinal fusion technology to spinal trauma for fracture stabilization.

MAST Fusion for Spinal Trauma

Case report about an elderly patient's spinal trauma subsequent to a fall.

Posterior Occipital Cervical Fixation

The evolution of occipitocervical fixation with advancing technology and progressive construct stability has allowed treatment of more complex craniocervical instabilities with a higher success rate...

References: Cages, Screws or Both?

References for the article "Cages, Screws or Both" by Rick Sasso, M.D..

References: 51 through 102

References 51 through 102 for Dr. Rick Sasso's article Lumbosacral Fusion: Cages, Dowels and Pedicle Screws.

References: 1 - 50 Lumbosacral Fusion

References 1 through 50 for Rick Sasso, M.D.'s article Lumbosacral Fusion: Cages, Dowels and Pedicle Screws.

Complications: Lumbosacral Fusion

The majority of complications associated with cylindrical anterior interbody fusion devices are a result of the operative approach, as opposed to specific device-related problems.

Clinical Studies: Lumbosacral Fusion

Many authors have reported excellent results with the use of threaded cylindrical devices for anterior lumber interbody fusion.

Patient Selection: Lumbosacral Fusion

Appropriate patient selection is critical to the clinical success of anterior lumbar interbody fusion.

Biomechanics: Lumbosacral Fusion

The greatest strength of the vertebral body is present in the subchondral bone of the cortical endplate.

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