Practice Marketing: Appendix A - Foundation for the Future of the Practice

Appendix A: The purpose of “How to Market Your Practice” is to give physicians a realist view of what “Marketing Your Practice” is really all about. It will not only explain how important it is to market to payors, referring physicians and the general public but most importantly WHY. It will establish the need for goals and objectives and ways you can reach them. If you are seriously considering marketing your practice, the following information will clarify and answer questions you may have and show you how to get started.

Online marketing concept showing blog. mobile, seo and onlineMaintaining a quality driven marketing department can provide a solid foundation for the future of the practice.Appendix A


Goal: Increase group profitability by 20% each year.

I. Maintaining a quality driven marketing department for a solid foundation for the future of the practice.

A. Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan to ensure continued professionalism, vision and growth of the practice.

  1. Create and implement a detailed Strategic Marketing Plan.
  2. Monitor and update the Strategic Marketing Plan throughout the year.
  3. Analyze the successful and unsuccessful events of 2002 to establish the foundation for the 2003 Strategic Marketing Plan.
  4. Develop a written 2003 Strategic Marketing Plan by implementing the successes of 2002 with new ideas.

B. Strategy

II. Increase volume of patient base for higher reimbursement rates by expanding payor relations.

A. Maintain existing accounts and develop new relationships with payors to increase workers’ compensation.

  1. Identify target market by reviewing monthly payor reports to determine who is referring you patients and how many.
  2. Attend conferences and seminars to support workers’ compensation and network with representatives to maintain existing accounts and capture new business.

B. Strategy

C. Strategy

III. Increase referrals from physicians within the community to raise the volume of surgical cases to ensure profitability.

A. Develop and maintain relationships with referring physicians and their employees by exemplifying courteous behavior and providing a high level of service to increase referrals.

  1. Identify surgical procedures each physician would like to expand on and market to those referring physicians.
  2. Identify those physicians that refer patients without your predetermined surgical procedures on a quarterly basis.
  3. Schedule (12) appointments to visit referring physician offices on a quarterly basis to show your appreciation and interest in how you are servicing your referring physicians and what you can do better.

B. Strategy

C. Strategy

Promote a unified PRACTICE image by participating in events to target large audiences and demonstrate your concern for the community.

A. Participate in community events educating the public about the PRACTICE and your services.

  1. Participate in local Runs, Health and Fitness Expos, etc. to raise PRACTICE awareness within the community.
  2. Organize PRACTICE Team for local non-profit organizations (American Heart Walk, Walk for Life, Blue Jeans for Babies, etc.) to show your support to those people stricken with heart disease, stroke, cancer, birth defects, etc. within your community.

B. Strategy

C. Strategy

V. Develop a tracking system to monitor the success of your marketing department to ensure quality service and continued growth for the PRACTICE by evaluating past activities and focusing on what works.

A. Track activity from referring physicians to analyze the changes in referrals.

  • Set up two reports to track referring physicians to ensure we know where referrals are coming from within the community.
  • Track results of the referring physician satisfaction surveys to present the results to physician(s) and office staff to acknowledge what is working and define those areas for improvement.

B. Strategy

C. Strategy

Updated on: 12/12/17
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