Medical Practice Marketing: Internal Analysis

Part 3: The purpose of “How to Market Your Practice” is to give physicians a realist view of what “Marketing Your Practice” is really all about. It will not only explain how important it is to market to payors, referring physicians and the general public but most importantly WHY. It will establish the need for goals and objectives and ways you can reach them. If you are seriously considering marketing your practice, the following information will clarify and answer questions you may have and show you how to get started.
III. Internal Analysis
How to get started - Once you have decided to market, you will first need to evaluate your practice inside and out. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you begin to market your practice.
  • Do you have enough physicians and staff member to handle the increase in volume of patients?
  • What kind of patients would you like to see more of? (Blue Cross, workers’ compensation, etc.)
  • Are you billing correctly?
  • Is your office space big enough to handle the increase of patient volume?
  1. What sets your practice apart from the competition in your area? - Is it your level of service? Commitment to the community over the past 20 years? There are several factors that set you apart from your competition. Determine what they are and capitalize on them.
  2. Internal Marketing Audit - You will need to outline a detailed description of your marketing efforts for the year.
  3. S.W.O.T. Analysis - Your strategic marketing plan would be useless without this. It is essential that you know what your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are within your practice.
  4. Who are your patients and where are coming from? The answer to this question is imperative for developing and implementing your strategic marketing plan.
Updated on: 12/09/09
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Medical Practice Marketing: External Analysis

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