Marketing Spine Centers of Excellence: How to Reach the General Public, Physician Groups and Allied Health Providers

How to Reach the General Public
  • Expand consumer education programs for sports, spine, and disease-related musculoskeletal injuries utilizing print, media, television, and Internet resources for awareness, dissemination of information and market positioning.

  • Establish quarterly seminars for the general public highlighting various topics in the treatment of acquired, traumatic and sports related musculoskeletal and spine conditions.

  • Implement satisfaction surveys for spine and pain patients treated at the Spine Center. Analyze results and distribute to press, public and patients via the Spine Center website and newsletter.

  • Set up an “Ask the Spine Expert” chat room on the Spine Center’s website for questions from healthcare consumers. Produce a series of webcasts on spine related topics and disseminate the schedule to the media for maximum exposure and utilization.

  • Link with entities such as www.spineuniverse. com for patient education, dissemination of information on the services and providers of the Spine Center, and Internet marketing of the Spine Center.

How to Reach Physician Groups & Allied Health Providers
No marketing tool is more effective than direct physician interface. Consider including a direct marketing commitment from each member physician as a requirement of participation in the Spine Center. This should be structured as a specific monthly commitment of time (such as one half day per month) to do the following:

  • Conduct direct physician-to-physician marketing in both the primary and secondary service areas of the Spine Center to develop and maintain referral relationships.

  • Send out personal referral acknowledgement letters and reports within 24-48 hours of examination of a new patient.

  • Establish a regional Speaker’s Bureau featuring the Spine Center’s physicians and nursing staff to secure speaking engagements with target medical, patient advocacy, elderly and community groups

  • Attend specialty medical, surgical and nursing professional meetings.

  • Set up Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Symposia and Continuing Medical Education Workshops for Primary Care, Occupational Medicine, Neurology, Internal Medicine, Physical Medicine, and Rheumatology physicians, target medical groups, chiropractors, nurses and allied health providers.

  • Identify regional urgent care centers, rehabilitation facilities, primary care physicians, independent physician associations, medical clinics, providers, chiropractors, and occupational medicine physicians, for a direct mail campaign highlighting the services of the Spine Center.

  • Send out a personal letter, Spine Center announcement, and brochure to existing and potential new referring physicians. Establish an ongoing survey of existing physician referral sources as to their opinions, likes, dislikes of the care rendered to patients they directly referred to the Spine Center.

Updated on: 12/09/09
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