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Man working at a computerBy popular demand SpineUniverse is pleased to introduce its new Patient Connect program, a new opportunity for hospitals and healthcare providers to deliver targeted advertising to potential spine patients in their area. Since its inception, SpineUniverse has offered the most successful and accepted program for on line listings for Spine Professionals. The program does not replace our free listings for spine professionals, rather it provides a powerful marketing tool to be used by hospitals and/or hospital networks to encourage patients to use their capabilites, from outpatient day surgery, to long-term therapy.

Why Advertise on SpineUniverse?
As the ad professional for your hospital, you understand the importance of delivering your message to people who are potential users. You're in the yellow pages, and you already know how difficult it is to put large numbers of visitors onto your corporate website. You know they're out there, but how do you reach them?

SpineUniverse visitors have a real and direct interest in spinal problems. Over 70% of our users identify themselves as the primary healthcare decision maker for their family. The majority of our visitors have a family member who has received medical advice for a back problem in the past 12 months.

Have you or a family member sought advice from a physician in past year for back pain -
Yes - 96.2% No - 3.8%
If you or a family member has sought advice about back pain in the past year, who did you see?
Primary Care 52.5%
Orthopaedic Surgeon 46.3%
Neurosurgeon 42.5%
Chiropractor 35.0%

For the visitors who have not yet selected a surgeon, SpineUniverse is their trusted information partner, and will play a key role in their choice of surgeon and in their self-education about their condition.

If you or a family member is expected to have spine surgery, will you use SpineUniverse to help you find a spine surgeon?
Yes - 91.4% No - 8.5%
"Who is the primary healthcare decision maker for your family?"
Self - 73.5
Spouse 6.2
MD 14.2
Chiro 3.1
Other 1.3
Compared to other medical websites, how useful do you find SpineUniverse in learning about spinal problems?

The Best on the Web

Better Than Most 42.6%
Average 6.6%
Worse Than Most - 1.1%

The implications are obvious. With over 10 million visiting users annually, SpineUniverse is the place where back patients can be found.

How Does it Work?
You provide (or we will design), ads promoting your practice. When a visitor from your local zip codes (or zip codes you select) is on the SpineUniverse site, we will display your ads to the patient and family decision makers who make SpineUniverse the busiest spine site. You pay only for ads which are displayed to visitors from areas that you specify.

You have complete control over how your ads are displayed. Although geography is typically ad strategy for a hospital, we can also target your advertising by condition, or a combination of geography and condition.

We provide monthly reporting so that you can see the results. Of course, you will already have seen the results in your reception area.

What Does it Cost?
The program is remarkably economical for such a targeted advertisement. Many hospitals spend immense amounts annually on yellow page advertising. Imagine having a program for just thousands that reaches ONLY real, live spine patients in your target markets. You have complete control over costs. Select a budget, and we will display ads within your budget. Want to run a campaign for a month to promote your new facility? Are you running information seminars for local patients? Do you need to promote local events and/or fund-raisers. Tell us the dates and the budget and we'll run your special campaign.

Take the step today to give your organization a powerful presence on the Internet.

For further informationcall today at (973)783-0330

Updated on: 03/14/16
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