Cervical Spine Injuries, Fractures and Whiplash - Cancer

Breast cancer metastasis of C6

Breast cancer metastasis of C6

Breast cancer metastasis of C6 with a pathological fracture in a 45–year–old woman with intractable pain. The corpectomy defect was filled with methylmethacrylate and secured with a non–locking Oroszco screw–plate. This paramedian sagittal closeup section two years postoperatively shows that the cement in the C6 vertebrectomy defect is firmly bonded to the remodelled endplates. There is no recurrence of the metastasis after two years. Note also the anterior bulging of the thickened dura and the sharp outlines and the blue cast of the screw tracts. The screws have transgressed the posterior vertebral wall with one tread, their tips are covered by a thick layer of coalesced periosteum and dura. The epidural space is obliterated. The segmental nerves are lying free in the subarachnoid space and the spinal cord is not compressed.

Updated on: 11/05/18

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