Cervical Anatomy and Pathology - Traumatic Disc Herniation of the Cervical Spine

Sagittal closeup fresh traumatic disc herniation in cervical spine

Sagittal closeup of a fresh, traumatic disc herniation in the cervical spine of a 23–year–old male who was killed in a car accident. The forensic autopsy revealed fractures of the face and skull base, but no apparent abnormality of the cervical spine. Plain antero–posterior, lateral, and oblique radiograms of the specimen were normal. The slide shows a large nucleus pulposus herniation through a wide, transverse rupture of the posterior annulus fibrosus at its insertion into the apophyseal ring of C5. Above and below the disc fragment the venous sinuses are enlarged and engorged. The thecal sac at the level of the disc herniation is emptied of CSF and pushed posteriorly against the lamina. The anterior aspects of the dura and of the spinal cord are indented. The discs above and below this level also showed small ruptures of the posterior annulus fibrosus.

Updated on: 11/29/18

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