SpineUniverse Spine Surgeon Survey Results

Spine surgeons queried September through November 2015

In an effort to better understand challenges spine surgeons face, SpineUniverse developed several viewpoint questions. During September, October and November 2015, the questions were distributed to neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons. Specific attempts were made to reach surgeons whose practices focus primarily on the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders. These viewpoint questions were made available in different ways, such as during the North American Spine Society's annual meeting, online, and by telephone.
feedback key on keyboardAll viewpoint responders were spine surgeons who practice in the United States. Duplicate and incomplete responses were removed, and it is estimated that 300 spine surgeons participated.

Is your hospital working to limit or standardize its surgical, device, and/or biologics vendors?

  • 70% = Yes
  • 30% = No

Do you feel vendor standardization limits a spine surgeon's ability to provide superior patient care?

  • 90%= Yes
  • 10% = No

Does your practice accept plans made available under the Affordable Care Act?

  • 40% = Yes
  • 50% = No
  • 10% = Not applicable 

Do you view government or insurance regulations a barrier to appropriate medical care?

  • 70% = Yes
  • 30% = No

Estimate the percentage of patients you diagnose and treat with obesity-related degenerative back pain.

  • 55% was the average percent
  • Unfortunately, SpineUniverse was unable to categorize responses by practice location (eg, state, region)

Finally, the majority of spine surgeons indicated Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery was the most important advancement in patient care.

Updated on: 12/29/17
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