Exploring the Association Between Osteoporosis and Psoriasis

In a study in Osteoporosis International, researchers in Taiwan set out to explore the association between osteoporosis and patients’ prior history of psoriasis. The study, “Association between osteoporosis and psoriasis: results from the Longitudinal Health Insurance Database in Taiwan,” was led by researchers at Taipei Medical University’s School of Public Health in Taiwan. It was published online ahead of print in October 2012.
Senior woman furiously scratching her headResearchers in Taiwan set out to explore the association between osteoporosis and patients’ prior history of psoriasis. The researchers state that though prior studies have examined the association between psoriasis and osteoporosis, there has still existed controversy about the connection between the 2 conditions. The study authors relied on data from 17,507 people with osteoporosis. They examined this data against that of 52,521 controls who did not have a history of the condition. They then used conditional logistic regression analyses to calculate the adjusted odds ratio (OR) of having a prior diagnosis of psoriasis for people with and without osteoporosis.

The results of the study supported an association between prior psoriasis and osteoporosis. The researchers found that people with osteoporosis had an adjusted OR of 1.65 (95% CI, 1.42-1.94) of having been diagnosed with psoriasis in the past, when compared with people in the control group. This result was heightened when the researchers tested for severe psoriasis.

The study results held after researchers controlled for a host of factors that included: certain diseases (such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, Cushing’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, hyperlipidemia, hyperthyroidism, and Parkinson’s disease); alcohol abuse and tobacco use; and, monthly income.

Additionally, the association between previous psoriasis and osteoporosis was found in both men and women; the adjusted OR of having a past psoriasis diagnosis was 1.52 for males with osteoporosis, compared to the control group, and 1.73 for females.

The study authors conclude that amidst controversy about the association between psoriasis and osteoporosis, their results demonstrate that both men and women with osteoporosis have a heightened risk of having had psoriasis in the past.

Updated on: 03/09/18
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