Assessing Mental Function, Pain, and Mobility in Men with Osteoporosis

Study Addresses Quality of Life for Osteoporotic Men

How does osteoporosis affect the quality of life in males with the condition? Much of the research on the health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in patients with osteoporosis has focused on elderly women. In a recent study, “Health related quality of life in male patients with osteoporosis: results of a cross sectional study,” German researchers sought to shift the focus to males to help understand the impacts of the condition on men’s lives.
Older man sitting up in bed holding his back in painResearchers sought to understand the impacts of osteoporosis on men’s lives.The study was published online ahead of print in September 2012 in The Aging Male. The sample included male patients with osteoporosis at the Dresden University Hospital outpatient clinic in Dresden, Germany. The researchers invited 344 men to participate in the study; 155 (57.2%) were eventually included in the results. The researchers relied on two indicators of HRQoL: EQ-5D and QUALEFFO-41.

The results showed that participants who experienced 2 or more fractures had lower HRQoL scores. On the QUALEFFO-41 scale, high levels of impairment were seen in men’s general health, their levels of pain, and their mental function. On the EQ-5D scale, the pain/discomfort domains were the most affected in men with osteoporosis. Overall, the participants had higher EQ-5D scores than the general population.

The areas of participants’ lives that were least affected by their health condition were: their ability to work around the house and complete daily living activities, and their mobility.

A major goal of the study was to underscore the impact of osteoporosis on the HRQoL in male patients. The researchers state that men may be overlooked since osteoporosis is more prevalent among women. They argue that their findings demonstrate an association between the number of fractures experienced by men with osteoporosis and their HRQoL. They conclude with a call for future efforts aimed at providing affected men with targeted mental health resources that can help them attain a higher HRQoL.

Updated on: 03/01/19
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