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Thoracic Disc Herniation

Presented by: T. Yoon MD, PhD

The patient is a 58-year-old Caucasian male who presented with a chief complaint of gait disturbance. The gait disturbance had been present for one year, but it had significantly deteriorated in the previous 2 months.

L5-S1 Spondylolisthesis: Failed Pain Management

Presented by: J. Uribe MD, FAANS, C. Burkett MD

The patient is a 51-year-old female with a history of chronic back pain. She denies any radicular pain or weakness. The patient has received extensive medical pain management, which failed to satisfactorily control her pain.

Low Back and Leg Pain Refractory to Conservative Treatment

Geriatric patient, past laminectomy
Presented by: R. Ozuna MD

The patient is a 76-year-old male with a longstanding history of low back pain and bilateral lower extremity symptoms secondary to spondylolisthesis. He had a laminectomy in the past (year unknown) and presents with new MRI findings.

Lower Lumbar Pain with Frequent 10/10 Leg Pain

Presented by: M. Cowan MD

The patient is a 55-year-old female with a 5-year history of severe low back pain. During the last 3 years her pain is worse. She describes her lower lumbar pain as constant and refractory to all treatments.

ALIF with Posterior Lateral Fusion: Aspen™ Spinous Process Fixation for Posterior Instrumentation

Presented by: R. Porter MD

This is a 32-year-old female who presents with a 13-year history of progressive low back pain. She denies any history of injury or activity resulting in low back pain.

Progressive Thoracic Idiopathic Scoliosis

Presented by: B. Lonner MD

The patient is a 15-and-7/12 year-old female with a right thoracic idiopathic scoliosis of 80º. She reports backache when seated for prolonged periods of time; such as the 9-hour car drive for this appointment.

Traumatic C1 Fracture

Presented by: J. Uribe MD, FAANS, R. Cardona MD

A 30-year-old male was involved in a motor vehicle accident, where he sustained a C1 fracture. The patient was neurologically intact, but complaining of neck pain.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis with Spondylolisthesis

Presented by: A. Shamie MD

A 59-year-old female presented with history of chronic bilateral lower extremity radicular pain. The patient reported difficulty walking and inability to exercise due to severe thigh and calf pain after about 5 minutes of exertion. She described the pain as 10 out of 10 and her pain was relieved upon bending forward.

Flexion-distraction Injury at L4-L5 in Obese Patient

Presented by: Y. Rampersaud MD

A 45-year-old overweight man (300+ pounds) had fallen out of a tree and presented complaining of back pain.

Unipedicular Kyphoplasty and Targeted Cement Placement for T12 Fracture

AVAmax® vertebral balloon and AVAflex® vertebral augmentation needle
Presented by: J. Afshar MD
The patient is an active 82-year-old female with a history of osteoporosis. She presents with severe back pain that suddenly developed and has troubled her the past six to eight weeks. The patient felt no radicular pain.

L5-S1 Grade II Spondylolisthesis

Patient Presents PMVA
Presented by: G. Girasole MD

The patient is a 21-year-old female who presents after a motor vehicle accident. She also has a 5-month history of low back pain, along with right leg pain and tingling.

Thoracic Disc Herniation with Progressive Gait Symptoms

Presented by: L. Khoo MD

A 58-year-old right-handed female physician presented with sudden onset of thoracic pain and right-sided trunk and leg numbness. Although there is no history of trauma, there is a 6-week history of progressive gait symptoms and bladder incontinence.

Post-laminectomy Instability

Presented by: G. Girasole MD

A 52-year-old female presented with incapacitating low back pain, a gross kyphotic deformity, and imbalance. She was unable to stand erect. She previously had an L3-L5 posterior spinal fusion and wide laminectomy at L2-L3.

Iatrogenic Scoliosis in a Former Rock Guitarist

Presented by: N. Anand MD

A 68-year-old female ex-rock guitarist presented with a 5-year history of excruciating back pain that gets even worse with any activity. She says her pain is constant—24 hours a day

Adult Idiopathic Thoracolumbar Kyphoscoliosis

MIS or Open?
Presented by: J. Roh MD

A 66-year-old female presented with a history of chronic low back pain, left thigh pain, and a progressive left-sided lumbar hump. She was “hunched over” forward and to the right.


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