Showing Case Studies for: Spinal Cord Injury

Central Cord Syndrome With Type II Odontoid Fracture

Presented by: A. Khalil MD
Central cord syndrome, severe spinal canal stenosis and type II odontoid fracture in an older male adult is featured in this case report.

PMMA Extravasation Following Kyphoplasty

Presented by: E. Truumees MD
The patient is a 72-year-old female who underwent kyphoplasty to treat a T12 burst fracture two weeks ago at a different hospital. After the kyphoplasty procedure, her back pain increased and a new symptom of lower extremity weakness, right greater than left developed.

Traumatic T3 Burst Fracture

Presented by: L. Sekhon MD, PhD, FAANS, FRACS, FACS
Case report of a 31-year-old female who sustained a traumatic T3 burst fracture during a rollover motor vehicle accident. She was immediately paralyzed and did not lose consciousness.

Cervical Trauma Resulting in Quadriplegia

Presented by: C. Shaffrey MD
In this case, a young male sustains a cervicothoracic fracture dislocation and profound spinal cord injury.

Atlanto-occipital Dislocation after a Crane Accident

Presented by: S. Martin RN, CEN, G. Raup CNA-BC, S. Hunter RNFA, P. Cho MD
Atlanto-occipital dislocations continue to be associated with high morbidity and mortality rates. The authors report on how early detection and good communication among disciplines can favorably impa

T3 Burst Fracture after Motor Vehicle Accident

Presented by: L. Sekhon MD, PhD, FAANS, FRACS, FACS
A 32-year-old woman presented to the emergency room after a rollover motor vehicle accident. She was instantly paralyzed in her lower extremities. She had no sensation below the clavicles, and she had severe neck pain.

Thoracic Disc Herniation with Progressive Gait Symptoms

Presented by: L. Khoo MD
A 58-year-old right-handed female physician presented with sudden onset of thoracic pain and right-sided trunk and leg numbness. Although there is no history of trauma, there is a 6-week history of progressive gait symptoms and bladder incontinence.

Charcot Joint in a Paraplegic

Presented by: L. Sekhon MD, PhD, FAANS, FRACS, FACS
This 48-year-old man had been a complete T10 paraplegic, wheelchair bound since age 22. At the initial time of injury he had no surgery. Ten years prior to presentation in our clinic, the patient had undergone an L4-L5 and L5-S1 PLIF elsewhere, apparently for low back pain.

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