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High Risk Multi-level Cervical Fusion

Adjunct Use of a Bone Growth Stimulator
Presented by: T. McCall MD

Since the ACDF, she has experienced chronic neck pain. New symptoms have developed during the past 4 months. Using the visual analog scale (1 to 10, with 10 being the worse pain imaginable) she grades her pain as 10/10 in severity.

Less Invasive Spinal Deformity Correction

Presented by: M. Wang MD, FACS
A 72-year-old female presented with progressive symptoms of severe back and right sided leg pain for three years. The pain worsened with standing and ambulating, and improved with sitting and lying down.

Cervical Spine Multiple Myeloma With Kyphotic Deformity and Cervical Myelopathy

Presented by: A. Khalil MD
The patient is a 60-year-old female with a history of multiple myeloma and worsening mechanical neck pain. Associated symptoms include increased arm and leg weakness with numbness and gait difficulties.

Cervical Deformity and Myelopathy in an Elderly Female

Presented by: J. Wind MD, J. Ammerman MD, M. Ammerman MD
The patient is a 76-year-old female with a history of progressive cervical pain with numbness, tingling and clumsiness of her upper extremities. She has no previous history of neck-related problems and is a nonsmoker.

Chronic Type II Odontoid Fracture With C1-C2 Instability and Severe Spinal Cord Compression

Presented by: A. Khalil MD
Case report of an adult female with history of an old type II odontoid fracture presented with severe mechanical neck pain, progressive upper and lower extremity symptoms, and gait difficulties.

Cervical Spondylolisthesis and Stenosis With Myelopathy

Presented by: K. Than MD
A 53-year-old man presented to the emergency room with a chief complaint of progressive weakness over the past few months, with inability to control his lower extremities. A few months previous, he fell in a bathtub and lost consciousness.

Cervical Myelopathy: Difficulty with Rapid Fine Hand Movements

Presented by: V. Traynelis MD
A 64-year-old man had a C4-C6 laminectomy performed 3 years ago for myelopathy due to stenosis. His myelopathy improved, and he did well for a year. He then began to develop increasing neck pain, and his myelopathic symptoms began to return. Additionally he began to have great difficulty holding his head up.

Cervical Myelopathy with Severe Lumbar Degenerative Disease

Presented by: J. Tuttle MD, M. Woodall MD
A 62-year-old white female presented with the chief complaint of low back and leg pain However, further she endorsed numbness and paresthesias of the bilateral hands, as well as unsteadiness of gait.

Unsteady Gait and Pain in Upper Limbs: Which Approach Is Best?

Presented by: M. Fehlings MD, PhD, FRCSC, FACS
Spine case presented by Michael G. Fehlings, MD: a 61-year-old male autoworker has progressively worsening gait, motor dysfunction, and pain in upper limbs. How would you treat this?

Fixed Cervical Kyphosis and Recurrent Myelopathy

Presented by: T. Albert MD
The patient is a 69-year-old male who had PCDF in 2009. He now presents with severe neck pain/weakness and loss of horizontal gaze. Vote in SpineUniverse's Interactive Case Library for how you would treat this patient.

Mixed Radiculopathy and Cervical Myelopathy

Presented by: J. Heller MD
A patient in her mid-50s presents with increasing amounts of axial pain, radiating pain in her right arm that extends to the dorsal of her hand, and numbness in her hand. However, her main complaint is neck pain. She is an attorney, and she has done her research on the treatments options available to her.

Cervical Myelopathy: Progressive Problems with Balance and Handwriting

Presented by: J. Wang MD
A 54-year old male with a prior history of a herniated disc at C5-C6 had an ACDF 8 years ago for arm pain and radiculopathy. In the past 8 months, he has had problems with balance and handwriting and clumsiness with his hands. He was found to have adjacent segment disease and cervical stenosis leading to cervical myelopathy.

Worsening Leg Weakness and a Negative Lumbar MRI

Presented by: T. Piper MD, C. Hemmer DNP, ANP
The patient is a 52-year-old male whose health is generally very good. He has no back pain but presents with acute pain, numbness and tingling sensations in both legs; right is greater than the left. He presents in Dr. Terrence Piper's practice for a second opinion.

Cervical Spondylosis with Myelopathy

Presented by: I. Kalfas MD
The patient is a 68-year-old male who presents with a several-month history of progressive gait difficulty and neck pain.

Progressive Mid-back Pain and Difficulty Walking

Presented by: J. Uribe MD, FAANS, R. Cardona MD, E. Dakwar MD
Juan Uribe, MD and his co-authors present progressively intensifying moderate to severe mid-back pain in a male. The patient reports his pain radiates anteriorly on his left side and makes walking difficult.

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