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Pseudofusion Dilemma

Presented by: J. Highsmith MD

Patient History A 53-year-old, nonsmoking woman came to the clinic with increasing back and right leg pain despite undergoing an L4-S1 Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) and lateral mass fusion with Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) just 8 months prior. She initially had surgery for sever

Cervical Degenerative Changes with Segmental Kyphosis

Presented by: M. Weinstein MD

The 44-year-old's cervical radiographs indicate degenerative changes and loss of disc space with segmental kyphosis.

Adult Scoliosis: Progressive Lower Extremity Radicular Pain

Presented by: C. Shaffrey MD

The patient is a 44-year-old female diagnosed with adjacent segment degeneration after prior Harrington rod treatment.

S1 Failure in an Elderly Female

Presented by: C. Shaffrey MD

This elderly female previously underwent a T10-S1 fusion at another institution and presents with postural change and increased back pain.

Cervical and Bilateral Arm Pain

Presented by: R. Davis MD
The patient presents with a 2-year history of neck and bilateral arm pain, right greater than left.

Debilitating Back Pain with Neurogenic Claudication

Presented by: N. Anand MD

This 76-year-old female presented with debilitating back pain, sagittal imbalance, and neurogenic claudication.

Traumatic L1 Vertebral Body Fracture

Presented by: J. Ammerman MD, M. Ammerman MD
A 29-year-old female presents with vertebral body fracture at L1 following a motor vehicle accident.

Burst Fracture in a 79-Year-old Male: How would you treat?

Presented by: J. Highsmith MD
This case is about a 79-year-old man whose fall caused an L1 burst fracture. Case details, treatment, and discussion included.

Progressive Lumbar / Thoracolumbar Idiopathic Scoliosis

Presented by: K. Bridwell MD

The patient is a 13-year-old girl with progressive lumbar / thoracolumbar idiopathic scoliosis who failed bracing.

Progressive Lumbar Deformity in a 57-year-old Female

Presented by: K. Bridwell MD

The patient was referred by a spine surgeon for a definitive reconstructive procedure to treat her progressive lumbar deformity.

Progressive 90-degree Scoliosis

Presented by: M. Vitale MD

This young female presents with a rapidly progressive large scoliosis and significant cardiopulmonary disease.

Novel Treatment of Neck and Arm Pain

Presented by: C. Kim MD, PhD

The patient, a 59-year-old female, presents with neck and arm pain that was not effectively relieved by interlaminar epidural steroid injections and physical therapy.

Post-laminectomy Instability

Presented by: G. Girasole MD
A 52-year-old female presented with incapacitating low back pain, a gross kyphotic deformity, and imbalance. She was unable to stand erect. She previously had an L3-L5 posterior spinal fusion and wide laminectomy at L2-L3.

Iatrogenic Scoliosis in a Former Rock Guitarist

Presented by: N. Anand MD
A 68-year-old female ex-rock guitarist presented with a 5-year history of excruciating back pain that gets even worse with any activity. She says her pain is constant—24 hours a day

Lumbar Disc Degeneration: 2 Previous Spine Surgeries and Constant Low Back Pain

Presented by: I. Kalfas MD
A 57-year-old, slightly overweight male presented with a 2 year history of progressive low back pain. It was predominantly left sided-pain, and the pain was present at all times. However, it worsens with increased activity.

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