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Central Cord Syndrome With Type II Odontoid Fracture

Presented by: A. Khalil MD
Central cord syndrome, severe spinal canal stenosis and type II odontoid fracture in an older male adult is featured in this case report.

Chronic Type II Odontoid Fracture With C1-C2 Instability and Severe Spinal Cord Compression

Presented by: A. Khalil MD
Case report of an adult female with history of an old type II odontoid fracture presented with severe mechanical neck pain, progressive upper and lower extremity symptoms, and gait difficulties.

Acute Traumatic Central Cord Syndrome

Presented by: B. Ball MD, C. Christie MD, J. Chen MD, A. Khalil MD
A 73-year-old male who was in a motor vehicle accident presented with diffuse weakness and numbness in both arms and legs; symptoms were worse in his hands.

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