SpineUniverse Launches Patient Case Collaboration Tool for Spine Surgeons

Interactive Tools Enable Spine Professionals to Debate Spinal Cases

Thu, 03/11/2010

MONTCLAIR, NJ, March 11, 2010— SpineUniverse, a Vertical Health website, proudly introduces the Community Case Discussion for its network of spine professionals. This interactive forum allows spine specialists to engage with one another in the SpineUniverse Spinal Case Study Library.

More than 6,000 spine surgeons—nearly 60% of all practicing spine surgeons in the United States—have joined SpineUniverse to market their practices, receive information on CME opportunities, and learn about emerging surgical techniques. These new collaboration tools foster collaboration within this professional community.

The SpineUniverse best-of-breed Spinal Case Study Library delivers challenging peer-reviewed cases that span the spectrum of spinal disorders—from degenerative disc disease to scoliosis. More than 2,500 physicians have participated in our Spinal Case Library. The cases are presented by leading spine specialists from esteemed institutions, including the Cleveland Clinic, Washington University School of Medicine, and the Rothman Institute.  

Treatment options for spinal procedures are diverse, and the Community Case Discussion provides spine specialists with the unique opportunity to not only debate viable treatments with others in the field but also receive best practices and insight from SpineUniverse’s world-renowned Editorial Board.

“We believe that physician collaboration leads to improved outcomes and patient care,” said Bill Paquin, CEO of Vertical Health. “Our tools and services facilitate the transfer of best practices from leading institutions in the US to physicians around the world.”

For more information on SpineUniverse’s Case Study Library, visit http://www.spineuniverse.com/professional/case-studies

About SpineUniverse

SpineUniverse, a Vertical Health website, is the most-visited spine-focused site on the web. It helps patients understand their back or neck problems with straightforward explanations. SpineUniverse also provides online and offline resources for spine professionals. SpineUniverse.com/professional features an industry-leading library of patient case studies and education resources.  Relying on an Editorial Board of more than 90 of the world’s leading spine experts, SpineUniverse ensures that all information presented is trustworthy and of the highest quality.

To learn more about SpineUniverse Professional, please visit www.spineuniverse.com/professional.

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Vertical Health is a leading media resource that provides accurate, timely, and straightforward information to both patients and professionals. Its websites—SpineUniverse, EndocrineWeb, Diabetic-Recipes and Diabetic-Lifestyle—are trusted resources for patients and medical professionals. All Vertical Health content is reviewed by industry-specific Editorial Boards that represent the leaders in their respective fields. This approach to content ensures that all information presented on Vertical Health’s websites is trustworthy and of the highest quality. Vertical Health also has a medical education division—BroadWater.  It is the most trusted and respected meeting planning provider in the spine field.  It has produced more than 200 meetings around the world. Its online CME portal SpineCME.org is the largest online CME portal devoted solely to spinal disorders. Over 1,000 spine specialists participated in our accredited online education in the first 6 months of its launch.