Respected Reconstructive Spine Surgeons Join the SpineUniverse Editorial Board

Thu, 12/01/2005
Boca Raton, FL - December 1, 2005

SpineUniverse welcomes Jeffrey A. Kozak, MD and Baron S. Lonner, MD to the website's prestigious Editorial Board.

Doctor Jeffrey Kozak is a specialist in spinal reconstructive surgery and well-known inventor, researcher, and contributor to spine literature. Dr. Kozak is the Founding Member and past President of the Texas Spine Society and current Vice Chief of Staff at Texas Orthopedic Hospital in Houston. Dr. Kozak was one of the leading contributors to create an extensive guideline to improve the care of the Texas worker with spinal injuries. His clinical practice emphasizes conservative non-operative treatment and offers a complete spectrum of surgical intervention from out-patient to complex spinal reconstruction.

Doctor Baron Lonner is the Director of Scoliosis Associates in New York. He is dedicated to treating pediatric and adult patients with scoliosis and other spinal deformities. In fact, Dr. Lonner is one of the most experienced leaders in the Northeast and US in minimally invasive surgery using spinal endoscopy for scoliosis and other deformities. He is respected for his research and innovations in spinal endoscopy and complex spinal reconstructive surgery. Dr. Lonner also devotes time each year to perform charitable care for patients with severe spinal deformities in developing countries.

For information about other respected physicians who serve on its advisory board, visit the SpineUniverse Editorial Board.

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