SpineUniverse Neurosurgeons Train Russian Colleagues

Wed, 08/10/2005
Boca Raton, FL - August 10, 2005

Several prominent neurosurgeons from the SpineUniverse Editorial Board will lead a Neurosurgery Symposium in St. Petersburg, Russia, August 15-17, 2005. The symposium, entitled Advances in Brain and Spine Surgery: Technology and Care, will train 150-200 Russian neurosurgeons in the latest advances & techniques in neurosurgery. This landmark event will help improve patient care in a country with an out-dated health care system and limited resources for neurosurgical training.

The symposium is organized by Dr. Mark McLaughlin, an Editorial Board Member with long ties of friendship and collaboration with Russian neurosurgeons, and his Russian colleague Dr. Yuri Shulev. The two surgeons met when Dr. McLaughlin first visited Russia in 1997. McLaughlin, whose work has been featured in Parade Magazine, saw the great need for support and training in the Russian neurosurgical community, which led to the first Russian-American neurosurgery symposium in 2000.

Other SpineUniverse Board Members on the 2005 symposium faculty include Dr. Edward Benzel, Dr. Richard Fessler, Dr. Regis Haid, Dr. Iain Kalfas, and Dr. Volker Sonntag. These surgeons will be joined by other internationally recognized neurosurgeons, including Dr. Art Day, Dr. David Adelson, Dr. Peter Jannetta, and Dr. Hae Dong Jho. In addition, SpineUniverse VP of Internet Strategy, Brian Greer will join the faculty to speak to Russian attendees about Internet use as a medical resource.

For additional information, please contact Kate Laney of BroadWater Meeting Planning, at (630) 681-1040 or by e-mail at klaney@broad-water.com.

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