SpineUniverse Editors to Teach in Russia

Wed, 08/10/2005

Boca Raton, Florida- Drs. Regis Haid, Gerald Rodts and Mark McLaughlin, Editors of SpineUniverse.com, head to St. Petersburg on May 15 to teach more than 100 Russian neurosurgeons the latest advances in cervical spine surgery.

The visit to St. Petersburg is the result of three years of academic exchanges with Prof. Yuri Shulev, the Chief of Neurosurgery at the Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies. Prof. Shulev's invitation to design and teach the course in St. Petersburg may be the first such invitation from a Russian Neurosurgery department to a team of US neurosurgeons.

In addition to the two-day course, the US team will present surgical equipment that has been generously donated by medical companies, including Aesculap and Codman.

The course concludes with a formal presentation confirming Prof. Shulev's addition to the International Editorial Board of SpineUniverse. This development further strengthens the medical and scientific ties between the two nations.

Dr. Mark McLaughlin, of Emory University Medical School in Atlanta, GA, notes that "This will be one of the highlights of the year; the opportunity to teach and learn from so many of our colleagues in Russia is a privilege."