South Florida Business Report Features SpineUniverse

Tue, 03/15/2005

In this interesting and informative interview with Founder, Stewart G. Eidelson, MD discusses the importance of many new spine technologies including artificial disc replacement, BMP, and minimally invasive procedures. The advances in microsurgical procedures and instruments mean smaller incisions and greater results for many patients.

Dr. Eidelson commented, "In many areas of medicine, there have been breakthrough technologies with smaller incisions or minimally invasive surgeries. We're now in a renaissance of the treatment of the spine."

Fortunately, most patients do not require spine surgery. However, for patients suffering low back or neck pain caused by spinal stenosis, a herniated disc, or other spinal disorders, many new and proven technologies exist that can help patients resume a healthy and active life.

To learn more about these breakthrough technologies and the SpineUniverse mission of education, we invite you to view this video.

This televised interview appeared on the South Florida Business Report in February 2005.

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