SpineUniverse acknowledged by scientific community

Thu, 10/30/2003
SpineUniverse.com has been recognized as a “Top 5 Site” by www.biomat.net, one of the web’s leading science sites. Biomat.net selected SpineUniverse.com based on its “top general quality,…scientific value and suitability to internet browsing”. The accolade provides further validation of the quality of the content that SpineUniverse.com presents for patients, medical professionals and scientists alike.

www.biomat.net, is one of the premier sites for scientists in the biomaterials field. The site provides an exceptional resource for scientists including information on research, educational initiatives, scientific events, journals, funding opportunities, industrial developments, and every other initiative related to biomaterials science and associated fields. The site is supported by various international science agencies, including INEB - Instituto de Engenharia Biomédica, and IBMC - Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology.

SpineUniverse’s founder, Dr. Stewart Eidelson, commented that “since its inception, SpineUniverse has worked to ensure that the site presents a vast resource of high quality content for the spine community.”