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  • Main Office (North)
    11104 Parkview Circle, Suite 110
    Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46845 - United States
    Phone: 260.460.3100
    Fax: 260.460.3130
  • Main Office (West)
    7956 W. Jefferson Blvd.
    Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46804 - United States
    Phone: 260.436.2416
    Fax: 260.436.6936

About our Practice

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NeuroSpine and Pain Center is the region's premier center for neurosurgical and physical medicine, offering immediate, expert and comprehensive treatment of back and neck disorders to patients suffering from pain.
NeuroSpine and Pain Center specializes in a patient-centered, often nonsurgical approach to diagnosing and restoring optimal function. The board-certified experts at NeuroSpine and Pain Center are the most highly trained pain experts in the region, providing accurate, prompt care for chronic back and neck pain. Our doctors bring empathy and warmth to innovative treatments and procedures that literally change their patients’ lives.
Our team of seven neurosurgeons are among the best in their field, offering a range of solutions including nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedures in a comfortable setting.
NeuroSpine and Pain Center also specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Our experts provide pain management and treatment, worker compensation solutions, independent outpatient care and more for patients with musculoskeletal disorders and rehabilitation needs.
You don’t have to live with pain—schedule an evaluation and learn how to get back to the life you love.
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