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St. Mary's Spine Center


  • St. Mary's Spine Center
    One Shrader Street, Suite 450
    San Francisco, California, 94117 - United States
    Phone: (415) 750-5849

About our Practice

Since 1982, St. Mary's Spine Center has provided patients with the highest quality care available. We take pride in our experience as the oldest continuously operating multidisciplinary spine center in the western United States.
Today, we maintain our reputation as San Francisco's premier Spine Center by incorporating the latest innovations into our program of holistic, integrated care. We offer a full spectrum of treatments, including noninvasive techniques, such as manual manipulation, exercise, nutritional counseling, and medication management. Of all patients treated at the Spine Center, only 6 percent needed to be treated surgically.
For those patients who do require surgery, we employ the latest surgical techniques, including minimally invasive surgery that dramatically reduces recovery time. Surgeons at the Spine Center invented the X-STOP implant for the treatment of spinal stenosis. This minimally invasive outpatient procedure and the "Pro-Disc" artificial disc replacement procedure have been profiled nationally. 

Our team of physicians, physical therapists, and registered nurses works closely together to provide continuity of care and education along each patient's path to recovery, focusing on the individual and their specific needs.
Our Spine Center Staff can answer your questions about services or insurance coverage. To refer a patient or schedule a first-time appointment, please call the Spine Center at (415) 750-5849.

Meet our Staff

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