Red Sox's Clay Buchholz placed on DL due to back pain

Jun 22 2011
Despite a stellar season, Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz has been forced to take it easy for the next couple of weeks as he was put on the disabled list (DL) when his persistent back pain failed to go away.

Boston Herald reported that Buchholz was given extra days of rest between starts earlier in June, but the pain and stiffness in his lower back continued. The athlete has apparently been dealing with this type of discomfort for a while, but when he started to alter his delivery to compensate for the pain, both he and his trainer realized that the problem was becoming serious.

In particular, they feared that Buchholz might experience even further injury that might result in the need for a surgical intervention.

"A little bit more rest and [perhaps] it won't be anything that will bother me the rest of the season," said Buchholz, quoted by the news provider. He also expressed hope that by taking care of the pain now, he won't have to deal with it later in the season.

The pitcher will be on the DL until July 2 and is expected to be replaced by Andrew Miller in the interim.

Buchholz is not the only baseball player who has dealt with back pain issues. Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Braves pitcher Peter Moylan recently began rehabilitation after undergoing surgery for a herniated disc. The news source stated that the typical recovery time from this kind of surgical intervention is about 12 weeks.

Hopefully, Buchholz will not end up on the operating table, as medical practitioners say that many back pain cases may be cured or successfully managed with conservative treatments such as physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, hot and cold compresses and, in some cases, epidural steroid injections.