Laser back pain treatment without surgery?

Jun 24 2011
Until now, the use of lasers for the treatment of chronic back pain symptoms has been mentioned in conjunction with endoscopic spinal surgery.

However, according to news sources, Italian researchers have come up with a type of laser that may be used effectively for pain relief without any surgical intervention.

Phoenix-based Fox 10 News reported that the laser, known as HIRO 3.0, sends its light beams five inches under the skin without damaging it, flushes out inflammation and prompts cells and tissues to heal themselves.

"[The laser] increases your cellular metabolic activity [ten times] and so all of that activity is regenerating and repairing the damaged tissue at the cellular level," said Barry Hatch, MD, of the Advanced Laser and Pain Center in Gilbert, Arizona, as quoted by the news provider.

Some of the conditions that the HIRO 3.0 system has been shown to help with include tempomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as neck, lower back, ankle and foot pain. It has also been approved for relief of pain stemming from sports traumas.

Despite these types of medical advancements, healthcare providers still recommend that individuals with back pain - which affects up to 80 percent of Americans at some point in their lives - try conservative and cheaper treatments first.

These include lifestyle habit changes away from sedentary life, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications or chiropractic treatments.

There are only four HIRO 3.0 lasers in the U.S. at the moment, according to the news source, so individuals who would like to benefit from laser therapy may still have to turn to endoscopic spine surgery, which is increasingly a preferred method of surgical intervention. That is because, unlike traditional open back surgery, it requires only a minimal incision, which reduces the risks of infection and blood loss, and limits recovery time to just a couple of weeks.