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Search for Spine Care Specialists in or near Carmichael, CA to treat your back pain and neck pain. All our Carmichael, CA Spine Care Specialists are verified by SpineUniverse.
36 Spine Care Specialists were found within 50 mi of Carmichael, CA.
  • 2.9 mi
    Robert E. Lieberson MD Neurosurgeon, Pain Management
    Surgical Affiliates
    6555 Coyle Avenue, Suite 220, Carmichael, California, 95608 - United States
    Exceptional is the Standard. We provide care for brain and spine problems. We diagnose and treat brain tumors and trauma, herniated discs in the neck and...
  • 8.6 mi
    The Spine Practice in Sacramento
    2801 K Street, Suite 410, Sacramento, California, 95816 - United States
    J. Patrick Johnson is an internationally renowned spinal expert who has directed spine centers at UCLA, Cedars-Sinai and most recently adding a UCDavis affiliation as...
  • 1.5 mi
    Roderick Sanden MD Neurosurgeon
    Advanced Neurospinal Care
    3609 Mission Ave., Carmichael, California, 95608-2955 - United States
    High tech practice with a caring touch!
  • 2 mi
    Paul Peterson DC Chiropractor
    Peterson Chiropractic Clinic
    4616 El Camino Ave, Sacramemto, California, 95821 - United States
    The Peterson Chiropractic Clinic has been located at 4616 El Camino Ave, near Watt Ave in Sacramento, Ca, for the past 30 years. It is...
  • 2.9 mi
    Brian M. Tanabe DC Chiropractor
    Tanabe Chiropractic
    10901 Folsom Blvd, Suite C, Rancho Cordova, California, 95670 - United States
    We offer gentle effective full service chiropractic care for all ages. Over 20 years experience treating hundreds of patients in northern California.Dr. Tanabe takes the...
  • 2.9 mi
    Nervana Herniated Disc Specialists
    6555 Coyle Avenue, Carmicahel, California, 95608 - United States
    Although our practice does treat a wide range of spinal conditions, our specialty is disc injuries (bulges, protrusions, and herniations). We are an integrative spine...
  • 3.4 mi
    Dawn Fealk DC Chiropractor
    11344 COLOMA RD , Ste 415, Rancho Cordova, California, 95670 - United States
    Dr. Fealk has a wholistic approach to getting patients well. She currently integrates physiotherapy and massage therapy into each of her treatments. Dr. Fealk has...
  • 3.6 mi
    Duane A. Gilbert DC Chiropractor
    Gilbert California Spinal Care & Rehab Chiropractic Inc.
    6035 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights, California, 95621 - United States
    We are a dual disciplinary practice that focuses on the healing and rehabilitation of the human body. The first of these disciplines include sports specific...
  • 4 mi
    Kamran Sahrakar MD Neurosurgeon
    2025 Morse Ave, Sacramento, California, 95825 - United States
  • 7.8 mi
    Allan S. Ross DC Chiropractor
    Chiropractic Health Center
    755 Sunrise Ave. Suite 115, Roseville, California, 95661 - United States
    Our office is a family based chiropractic wellness practice. We specialized in spinal correction and maintenance.
  • 8 mi
    Vicki Mah Massage Therapist
    Release the Pain with Myofascial Release & Craniosacral Therapy
    225 30th Street, Suite 311, Sacramento, California, 95816 - United States
    Myofascial Release and Craniosacral therapy are effectively safe and gentle methods to reduce pain and stress, improve mobility and range of motion, and return you...
  • 8 mi
    Anthony F. Bellomo MD Orthopaedic Surgeon, Pain Management
    Spine Surgery Associates, Inc.
    3800 J Street, Suite 210, Sacramento, California, 95816 - United States
    2805 J St , Ste 210, sacramento, California, 95816 - United States
    Dr. Bellomo is dedicated to providing high quality patient care in the correct diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the spine, including spine deformities, spine...
  • 8.4 mi
    Kee D. Kim MD Neurosurgeon
    UC Davis Neurosurgery
    4860 Y. Street Suite 3740, Sacramento, California, 95817 - United States
    Dr. Kim is the Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of California, Davis. His practice addresses simple to complex spinal...
  • 8.6 mi
    Cobb, French, and Prasad, Neurosurgical Associates
    2801 K Street, #300, Sacramento, California, 95816 - United States
    Our practice is exclusively devoted to Neurosurgical spine surgery and surgical pain management for cervical and lumbar spine problems. We have expertise with cervical disc...
  • 8.7 mi
    Edie Zusman MD Spine Specialist
    2800 L Street, Suite 501, Sacramento, California, 95816 - United States
    Edie E. Zusman, M.D., FACS, is Medical Director of Adult Neurosurgery at Sutter Neuroscience Institute. With her leadership, Sutter Neuroscience Institute has been designated a...
  • 8.7 mi
    Navdeep S. Nijher MD Spine Specialist
    2800 L Street, Suite 501, Sacramento, California, 95816 - United States
    Navdeep S. Nijher, M.D., has recently joined Sutter Neuroscience Medical Group as an interventional pain management specialist with a focus on spine related pain. After...
  • 8.7 mi
    Sam F. Ciricillo MD Spine Specialist
    2800 L Street, Suite 501, Sacramento, California, 95816 - United States
    Samuel F. Ciricillo, M.D., was named the Medical Director of the Sutter Neuroscience Institute at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, in October 2003. He also serves...
  • 8.7 mi
    George D. Picetti MD Orthopaedic Surgeon
    Sutter Neuroscience Medical Group
    2800 L Street, Suite 500, Sacramento, California, 95816 - United States
    George D. Picetti, III, M.D., is a highly specialized minimally-invasive adult and pediatric spine surgeon at the Sutter Neuroscience Medical Group and Sutter Neuroscience Institute...
  • 8.7 mi
    Gary A. Schneiderman MD Orthopaedic Surgeon
    Sutter Neuroscience Medical Group
    2800 L Street, Suite 500, Sacramento, California, 95816 - United States
    Gary S. Schneiderman, M.D., is the medical director of spine surgery at Sutter Neuroscience Institute and practices at the Sutter Neuroscience Medical Group. Dr. Schneiderman...
  • 8.9 mi
    Dr. Steven W. Scribner Forensic Chiropractor
    508 Gibson Dr., Suite 290, Roseville, California, 95678 - United States
    Dr. Scribner is a board certified forensic chiropractor. He holds several certifications in postgraduate studies and is a Qualified Medical Examiner for the State of...
  • 9.5 mi
    Dr. Pasquale X. Montesano is a Board Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon at Palm Beach Spine Specialists. He has extensive spine training and years of experience...
  • 10.3 mi
    Donald M. Palmer DC Chiropractor
    California Spine & Disc Pain Center
    2200 East Bidwell St., Suite 200, Folsom, California, 95630 - United States
    Dr. Palmer specializes in Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression for degenerative spine conditions like herniation, protrusion, extrusions, bulges, stenosis, sciatica, radiculopathy using the most advanced decompression technology...the...
  • 10.7 mi
    Spine & Neurosurgery Associates
    1301 Secret Ravine Parkway, Suite 200, Roseville, California, 95661 - United States
    The scope of our Neurosurgical practice includes complex spine disorders: radiculopathy, degenerative arthritis, spinal instability instrumented fusion, percutaneous diskectomy and management of the craniocervical...
  • 11.4 mi
    Neil K. Kalia DC Chiropractor
    6891 Douglas Blvd,, Granite Bay, California, 95746 - United States
    Providing Chiropractic specialties from pediatrics to failed back surgery candidates. We provide a Non-surgical Decompression procedure called VAX-D. The procedure is taylor made for patients...
  • 12.6 mi
    Terek Lovell DC Chiropractor
    The Lovell Center
    6150 Horseshoe Bar Rd, Loomis, California, 95650 - United States
    Dr. Brown specializes in Neuromusculoskeletal conditions and Science-based Nutrition. She was the founder of Integrated Health Care in Palo Alto over 15 years ago with...