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Search for Spine Care Specialists in or near Campbell, CA to treat your back pain and neck pain. All our Campbell, CA Spine Care Specialists are verified by SpineUniverse.
129 Spine Care Specialists were found within 50 mi of Campbell, CA.
  • 16.4 mi
    Robert E. Lieberson MD Neurosurgeon, Pain Management
    Exceptional is the Standard. We provide care for brain and spine problems. We diagnose and treat brain tumors and trauma, herniated discs in the neck and...
  • 29.5 mi
    Chris Corrales Massage Therapist
    6400 Village Parkway, 101, Dublin, California, 94568 - United States
    At MedicinEvolution, we believe that the spine is at the center of human experience. Each of us is unique, our bodies are unique, our spines...
  • 43.4 mi
    UCSF Spine Center
    400 Parnassus Ave., Third Floor, San Francisco, California, 94143-0332 - United States
    Dr. Praveen Mummaneni is the Joan O'Reilly Endowed Professor in Spine Surgery, Director of the Cervical Spine Program, Director of the Minimally Invasive Spine Program,...
  • 0.7 mi
    Jeffrey D. Coe MD Orthopaedic Surgeon
    Jeffrey D. Coe, M.D.
    221 East Hacienda Ave, Suite A, Campbell, California, 95008 - United States
    Dr. Coe’s practice is a comprehensive spinal practice, encompassing all aspects and anatomic regions of the spine including: Adult and Pediatric Spinal Deformity ...
  • 1 mi
    Sherman N. Tran MD Pain Management, Physiatrist
    Spine Sports Medical Group
    429 Llewellyn Ave, Campbell, California, 95008 - United States
    Specializing in musculoskeletal injury with focus in spine care. Treatment of Herniated nucleus pulposis (slipped disc), disc bulging, disc protrution, annular tear, spinal stenosis, degenerative...
  • 1.1 mi
    Marshal Rosario MD Neurosurgeon
    Marshal Rosario, MD, AMC
    50 East Hamilton Ave, Campbell, California, 95008 - United States
    Minimally invasive treatment of cranial and spinal disorders including: 1) spine pain from fractures, instability, degeneration, osteoporosis, arthritis or deformity (scoliosis) 2) extremity pain, numbness, tingling...
  • 1.1 mi
    Jeff Coyle DC Chiropractor
    Advanced Health Center
    591 W Hamilton Ave, Suite 160, Campbell, California, 95008 - United States
    Advanced Health Center provides the latest in non-surgical spinal correction with VAX-D (Vertebral Axial Decompression), LiteCure (Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy), ASBE (Applied Spinal...
  • 1.2 mi
    Optimal Health Chiropractic
    880 E. Campbell Ave., Suite 103, Campbell, California, 95008 - United States
    Reach your health goals at Optimal Health! Our new office features: Massage Therapy on-site, High Frequency X-ray on-site, Progressive Treatment Tables, Rehabilitation Area, Tranquil &...
  • 1.3 mi
    Dr. Meyer is a fellowship-trained, board certified orthopaedic spine surgeon. Dr. Meyer treats all aspects of spinal disorders including trauma, tumor, complex deformity, and degenerative...
  • 1.4 mi
    Thomas A. Kula MD Orthopaedic Surgeon
    Thomas A. Kula, Jr., M.D.
    555 Knowles Dr., Suite 201, Los Gatos, California, 95032 - United States
    Our practice evaluates and treats both common and complex disorders of the cervical and thoracolumbar spine. We believe in evaluating patients promptly and educating them...
  • 1.4 mi
    William Hopkins MD Pain Management, Anesthesiologist
    Forest Medical Group
    3803 S Bascom Ave., Suite 210, Campbell, California, 95008 - United States
    Interventional and multidisciplinary pain medicine. Our office integrates pharmacologic (medications), psychologic and minimally invasive surgical techniques as indicated by individual needs. Certified...
  • 1.4 mi
    Tom N. Vo DC Chiropractor
    3880 S Bascom Ave, #109, San Jose, California, 95124 - United States
    "Get in, get better, get on with your life." Here at Accolade Chiropractic Care, we strive to live up to our name. We provide Silicon...
  • 1.6 mi
    Robert G. Aptekar MD Orthopaedic Surgeon
    Arthritis & Orthopedic Medical Clinic
    14651 S. Bascom Ave, 280, Los Gatos, California, 95032 - United States
    We are a full service orthopedic clinic offering medical and surgical evaluation and treatment of spinal disorders and deformities, including work injuries. We have Physical...
  • 1.6 mi
    Arthritis and Orthopedic Medical Clinic
    14651 S. Bascom Ave, Suite 120, Los Gatos, California, 95032 - United States
    The chiropractic department at the Arthritis and Orthopedic Medical clinic uses an osteopathic model that derives diagnosis, assessment, and treatment into a revolutionary package that's...
  • 1.9 mi
    David D. Yeh MD Neurosurgeon
    David Yeh, MD
    2505 Samaritan Dr #605, San Jose, California, 95124 - United States
    I completed my residency training from the University of Cincinnati and have advanced training in Spine and Epilepsy surgery.
  • 2.1 mi
    16400 Lark Ave , #350, Los Gatos, California, 95032 - United States
    The Premier Brain & Spine Institute is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to our patients. Each patient's illness is given the utmost...
  • 2.4 mi
    Hamed Aflakian DC Chiropractor
    Elite Wellness Center
    3535 Ross Ave., Suite 100, San Jose, California, 95124 - United States
    Our mission is to serve patients with the highest degree of professionalism, personalized care, and ethics. Our highly trained doctors have set new standards of...
  • 2.4 mi
    Victoria M. Hill DC Chiropractor
    Gateway Wellness Center
    15495 Los Gatos Blvd., Suite 3, Los Gatos, California, 95032 - United States
    Dr. Hill is certified in Network Spinal Analysis, which is an evidenced based approach to wellness and body awareness. Gentle precise touch to the spine...
  • 2.6 mi
    Allmed Medical Corp
    701 Howe Ave, Suite C, Sacramento, California, 95825 - United States
    Physical medicine and rehab with focus on treating acute and chronic conditions. NCV/EMG nerve testing, x-rays, physical and exercise therapy. Auto-related and work related injuries...
  • 3.1 mi
    Paul Reynolds MD Pain Management
    Paul Reynolds
    4820 Harwood Rd, Suite #100, San Jose, California, 95124 - United States
    I have a solo-practice in chronic pain medicine. My small practice specializes in personal care of patients who suffer chronic pain, such as lower back...
  • 3.1 mi
    Jeff Levine DC Chiropractor
    Stevens Creek Chiropractic
    3591 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, California, 95117 - United States
    For YOUR active lifestyle! Dr. Levine has been a chiropractor for more than 30 years and is very much appreciated by his patients. He received his...
  • 3.5 mi
    David O. Torrez, PhD PhD Pain Management
    Forest Pain Clinic
    2101 Forest Ave, Suite, 125, O'Connor Hospital Office Bldg, San Jose, California, 95125 - United States
    We are a true multidisciplinary pain management service. Our Clinic staff consists of Anesthesiologists, psychiatrists and psychologists who are board certified and fellowship trained in...
  • 4.1 mi
    Ali Tootoonchi DC Chiropractor
    Dr. Ali Tootoonchi, D.C.
    19028 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite D, Cupertino, California, 95014 - United States
    Our philosophy: human body functions well, when a balance between chemical, emotional, and physical stress is reached. We excel to help create this balance in...
  • 4.7 mi
    Todd Bedell DC Chiropractor
    Spine Care Center
    2170 The Alameda , San Jose, California, 95126 - United States
    For over 20 years, we have been helping people in San Jose with ​drug-free, non-surgical, spine care. Spine care helps people resolve pain, prevent injury...
  • 6.2 mi
    Vincent Do DC Chiropractor
    San Jose Herniated Disc Treatment Center
    2360 McKee Rd 6, ste 5, San Jose, California, 95116 - United States
    Our commitment to our patients has led us to develop the only facility in the Bay Area that consists of state-of-the-art technologies including the DRX9000,...