Back Pain Information for Kids

Spinal Disorders: Questions and Answers

What is a slipped disc?
Discs are cushions between each vertebra. They are somewhat elastic and act like shock absorbers for the spine. Discs do not actually slip out of place, however they may bulge or break open (this is called a herniated disc). A bulge or a herniated disc can cause a lot of pain because the disc may press on a nerve.

herniated disc

What can I do to prevent a herniated disc?
Aerobic exercise such as biking, walking, jogging and swimming help maintain a healthy back. The most important thing to do is to participate in the activities you enjoy, because there is no one particular exercise that is going to prevent a herniated disc, and there is no single activity that increases the risk of a herniated disc.

My mom says that I got scoliosis because of the heavy backpack I carry. Is that true?
There is no evidence that says that your scoliosis worsened because of your backpack. On the other hand, it's amazing how heavy kids backpacks are these days. Some kids carry bags that weigh almost half as much as they weigh. There is no easy solution, however try to think carefully about what goes into your backpack and carry only what is necessary. Lifting or carrying things that are excessively heavy is not a good idea.

Updated on: 02/01/10