Back Pain Information for Kids

Play It Safe While Your Fusion Heals

If your surgery was a spinal fusion, it will take some time for it to heal. You will need several months before you can return to most of your normal activities. After a few weeks you will be allowed to return to some recreational activities like swimming and riding a bike. Most competitive sports will not be allowed until your spinal fusion has completely healed. Your physician will look at your x-rays to decide when you can return to all of your activities. Most doctors will be able to give you an estimate about when you can return to your previous sports.

During the first few months following your spinal fusion, it is important to let it heal. You will not be able to do any heavy lifting or activities that cause stress to your spine such as gymnastics, competitive team sports and any other activity that causes a lot of motion of your spine. Ask your doctor and nurse about the types of things you should not do but also ask for a list of things you can do. It will depend on the type of surgery you had and your doctor's preferences.
Updated on: 12/10/09