MRI Animation

A video animation that illustrates how MRIs work and why your surgeon may request this type of examination.

Implanting Expanding Cages to Reconstruct the Spine: Patient Cases

Two cases studies, complete with pre- and postoperative x-rays, demonstrate how expandable vertebral cages are used in spinal reconstruction.

Vertebral Body Reconstruction Using Expandable Cages

Vertebral body reconstruction following corpectomy or vertebrectomy present the surgeon with a technical challenge. Learn about expandable cages and how spine surgeons use these devices in spinal reconstruction.

Low Back Pain Relief and Pneumatic Vest Use

A pneumatic vest has similar properties to traditional spinal braces but with an additional function. The vest is designed to use inflatable lifters to unload weight off from the lumbar spine.

Image-Guided Surgery: Space Age Technology Enters the Operating Room

Image-guided surgery enables spine surgeons to see and navigate through the patient's anatomy three-dimensionally (3D) in real time before and during surgery.

Lumbar (Low Back) Surgical Implants

Implants are devices (such as cages, rods, screws) that, when combined with bone graft, stabilize the low back.

Cervical and Thoracic Spinal Disorders: New Surgical Technique

In the past, spine surgeons had difficulty placing screws into the proper positions in the vertebrae and still attaching the plate or rod. The VERTEX? Reconstruction System allows screws to be placed exactly where they need to go safely.

Robotics and Computers in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Meet Aesop and Hermes and learn how the use of robotics and computers in minimally invasive spine surgery has resulted in more accurate surgical procedures, shortened operative time, and fewer complications.

Image-Guided Spinal Surgery

IGS illustrates how advancements in instrumentation, computer technology, and imaging have been developed to help surgeons perform complex spinal reconstructions safer and faster.

The Present Role of Titanium Cage Fusions In Spine Care

Learn all about the role of titanium cage fusions in patients with spinal conditions that have possibly had a disc removed.

Cervical (Neck) Implants used in Spine Surgery

Cervical implants are devices surgeons use to decompress (remove pressure from nerves) and to stabilize the neck. These procedures are performed to reduce neck pain.

Posterior Cervical Implants used in Spine Survery

Cervical implants are devices surgeons use to decompress (remove pressure from nerves) and to stabilize the neck. These procedures are performed to reduce neck pain.

Lumbar (Low Back) Dynamic Stabilization - A Patient's Guide

Dynamic stabilization uses flexible materials to stabilize the spine if affected by degenerative changes.

Dynamic Stabilization's Use in Treating Low Back (Lumbar) Disorders

A discussion about when dynamic stabilization is indicated and the types of devices.

Update: Spinal Implant Breakthrough Stabilizes Spine

One of the newest and most popular spinal instrumentation systems used by surgeons is TSRH-3D?. The TSRH-3D? pedicle screw has a remarkable "headless" design and has proven to be one of the smallest yet strongest spinal implants available today.