Bone Densitometry Exam DEXA

How do I prepare for a DEXA scan?

No special patient preparation is necessary. We only ask that you don’t wear anything with buttons, snaps, or zippers from the waist down. Wearing pants with an elastic waistband or a saree or a salwar kameez  will allow you to remain fully clothed during the study.  Clean fresh cotton gowns are available in case you need to change.

If you have had any x-rays using contrast such as barium, or any nuclear medicine studies, please wait one week before having a DEXA scan.

What can I expect to happen during the DEXA scan?

DEXA is a painless, non-invasive test. You will be asked to lie still and quiet on a padded table, but you will be able to breathe normally. The study lasts only a few minutes. The x-ray dose you will be exposed to is extremely low, similar to what you would receive on a long distance airplane flight.

How will I get the results?

The results of your DEXA scan will be ready the same day! You can collect the original report for your records. A copy can be sent to your referring physician by the next day. At your request we can e-mail a copy of the report to your doctor anywhere in the world - at no extra charge!

You should arrange to discuss the results with your physician, surgeon or gynaecologist at the earliest.

body scan
A typical whole body scan image
Updated on: 02/01/10