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Back sprains and back strains are a common cause of low back pain that can be acute. A sprain is caused when a spinal ligament becomes overstretched or torn. A back sprain involves a spinal muscle or tendon.

Sprains - Strains - Soft Tissue Injuries

Back and neck sprains and strains are common soft tissue injuries that affect the spine's muscles (sprain) and ligaments (strain). These injuries can cause acute back pain, often limit movement and seldom require spine surgery.

Lumbar Back Sprains and Strains

A common cause of low back pain is a lumbar sprain or strain. These soft tissue injuries can affect the spine's supporting structures; muscles, tendons and/or ligaments.

Lumbar Back Sprains: Treatment and Prevention

Lumbar sprains and low back strains are a common cause of back pain. Because the pain may develop suddenly and feel severe or acute, some people fear the worst.

Lumbar Back Sprains: Diagnostic Steps

How doctors diagnose a low back sprain or lumbar strain; both a common cause of inflammation and swelling of soft tissues that leads to pain, tenderness and stiffness.

Love Your Spine: Common Causes of Back Sprain and Prevention Tips

It turns out that lower back pain is very common among tennis players. Dr. Andrew Hecht provides information about 3 causes of back sprain along with tips for prevention.