Video Series: Exercises for Lumbar Spondylosis

Learn 3 Back Stretches and Exercises

Lumbar spondylosis, or osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine (low back), can be very painful and make you not want to move. Previously, doctors recommended bed rest, but now that’s limited to just a short period. Instead, medical professionals now recommend keeping your spine mobile with several exercises and stretches. The thought is that if the muscles around your spine are doing a good job of supporting the spine, you will have less pain—and a healthier spine.

The exercises for lumbar spondylosis focus on strengthening your core muscles. When you think about it, those really are one of the “front anchors” for your spine. Working in conjunction with your back muscles, your core muscles (think abdominals and obliques, for instance) help stabilize your spine.

To help you, SpineUniverse has put together exercise videos showing what exercises to do for lumbar spondylosis.  We also have a video series on exercises for cervical spondylosis.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • These videos are general guidelines. You should not do any of the stretches or exercises shown unless directed by your spine professional.
  • If you think of exercising as a 10 mile run followed by weight lifting, you may have to modify your exercise plan because of your pain. Your physician, physical therapist, or other spine professional will help you adjust your expectations within the context of your symptoms from spondylosis.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard while doing the exercises; you don’t want to injure yourself more. If you experience any pain or other symptoms (weakness, tingling, numbness, etc.), please contact your spine professional immediately.