Spinal Bracing: A Treatment Option for Spinal Tumors

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Rigid Jewet BraceA spinal brace does not treat the spinal tumor, but it can help reduce or alleviate associated back or neck pain. A brace or corset may be prescribed to help support the spine and relieve pain before and /or after spine surgery. Some patients are prescribed a brace to wear while the spine heals after spinal fusion surgery.

If your doctor recommends a brace, he or she will involve an orthotist to properly size and custom make the brace to fit you. Orthotists are certified professionals who design, fabricate, and fit different types of braces (orthoses). The orthotist will recommend the best type of brace for you—there are many types.

Updated on: 07/26/16
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Drugs and Medications for Spinal Tumors
George I. Jallo, MD
This article was reviewed by George I. Jallo, MD.
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Drugs and Medications for Spinal Tumors

In treating spinal tumors, your doctor may have you take various drugs and medications. These are not to treat the tumor; they treat the accompanying pain and/or the side effects of other treatments.
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