Video: Causes of Spinal Stenosis

A Spine Surgeon Explains What Causes Spinal Stenosis

To help you understand the causes of neck pain, SpineUniverse brought in Dr. Jeffrey Wang, an orthopaedic surgeon and professor at UCLA.  In this video, he goes over the typical causes, such as bone spurs.

As we age, parts of our spine can start to wear out.  For example, Dr. Wang talks about the facet joints, which are the parts of the vertebrae that help our spine move so well.  (Dr. Wang says that these joints “articulate,” which essentially means that they help us move.)  As a natural part of aging, the cartilage on the facet joints can wear away, making movement quite painful.  In response, your body may form bone spurs, which are bony overgrowths.  Unfortunately, those bone spurs can take up extra room in your spinal canals, narrowing them and making it difficult for the nerves to get through.

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Updated on: 08/11/14