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Leg Pain: Sciatica or Something Else?

Sciatica is infamous for causing radiating pain down the leg, but these vascular conditions can mimic sciatica. Learn more.

Leading Causes of Sciatica and Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica, also called lumbar radiculopathy, is mild to intense pain that radiates from the low back into the left or right leg. Sciatic nerve pain symptoms include numbness, tingling sensations, and weakness.

Sciatica Stories: Different People, Different Paths

Living with sciatica? Learn how 4 people reduced their pain from this condition

11 Things to Avoid if You Have Sciatica

Sometimes it’s just as important to know what NOT to do as it is to know what to do when you have sciatica.

Sciatica Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Sciatica is pain that radiates from the lower back along the sciatic nerve. You can probably relieve sciatica without surgery, but surgery can be effective too. Learn your options here.

Sciatica Can’t Hold This Tenacious Athlete Back

Sciatica hasn’t stopped this endurance athlete, but it has forced her to modify her training and listen to her body. Learn how she does it.

4 Nerve Flossing Exercises for Sciatica

Nerve flossing might help your sciatica if traditional treatments don't. Find out how.

My Sciatica Story: Learning to Cope with Low Back Pain

Writer Rosemary Black reflects on living and dealing with sciatica and what she’s learned from chronic pain.

Sciatica: Treatment Options

Sciatica pain is often caused sciatic nerve compression created by a herniated disc or spinal stenosis in the low back. Non-surgical or surgical sciatica treatments are recommended based on the patient's diagnosis or cause of sciatica symptoms.

For Sciatica, Medication May Not Be the Answer

New guidelines from the UK discourage the use of medication for sciatica. What do North American spine specialists think? Find out here.

Surgery for Sciatica

If you’ve tried every conservative sciatica treatment under the sun with no relief, it may be time to consider surgery. Here’s how to prepare and how to recover from sciatica surgery.

How to Tell if Your Sciatica is Actually Piriformis Syndrome

When Your Sciatica Just Won’t Quit You Might Have a Misdiagnosed Case of Piriformis Syndrome

Sciatica Self-care: 5 At-home Remedies for Low Back and Leg Pain

These 5 at-home sciatica therapies are good options for people who recently started experiencing sciatic nerve pain or whose low back and leg pain is not severe.

Sciatica Exercises: 4 Stretches for Sciatica Pain

These 4 sciatica exercises may help you reduce your sciatic nerve pain in your low back and leg. Each low-impact exercise is demonstrated in narrated videos and written instructions are provided to help you fine-tune your sciatica home exercise program.

Sciatica Cause Not Always Spine-Related

Sciatica nerve pain and related sciatic symptoms are not always caused by low back disorders in the lumbar spine.

Traveling with Sciatica: Tips to Ward Off Low Back and Leg Pain

Sciatica pain radiates through the lower body from the low back to the hips, buttocks, and down the legs. This means that flights and driving that anchor you to a seat can aggravate your sciatic nerve pain.

Alternative Treatments for Sciatica: Acupuncture, Acupressure, Biofeedback, and Yoga

Many patients report alternative treatments help relieve sciatica and low back and leg pain. Read how acupuncture, acupressure, biofeedback, and yoga are used to treat sciatica pain and related symptoms.

Pregnancy, Back Pain and Sciatica

Back pain and sciatica during pregnancy: what can you do about it? Advice from SpineUniverse on preventing and treating sciatica when you're pregnant.

Is Sciatica a Symptom or a Spinal Disorder?

Sciatica is a symptom of sciatic nerve compression often caused by a bulging or herniated disc in the low back. Leg pain is the hallmark of a sciatic nerve compression disorder.

Physical Therapy to Relieve Sciatica

Sciatica treatment may include passive and active physical therapies to reduce low back and leg pain. Ultrasound, moist heat and massage are types of passive physical therapy, while active physical therapy involves stretches and exercise.

Video Series: Exercises for Sciatica (Caused by Spondylolisthesis)

3 low back pain and leg pain exercises to manage sciatica symptoms caused by spondylolisthesis.

Video Series: Exercises for Sciatica (Caused by Herniated Disc)

Three video sciatica exercises and stretches when the cause of sciatic pain is a herniated disc or bulging disc. Written step-by-step instructions with illustrations.

Drop Foot (Foot Drop) and Steppage Gait (Footdrop Gait)

Drop foot is a symptom of an underlying spinal condition, such as spinal stenosis or a herniated disc. It can be associated with sciatica. If the sciatic nerve is being pinched at a certain place, you may be unable to raise your foot at the ankle.

Inflammation of the Sciatic Nerve: Sciatica

Sciatica is described as shooting pain that travels from the low back into one or both legs. Pressure or pinching of the sciatic nerve causes inflammation and radiating pain that may include numbness and tingling sensations.

Video Series: Exercises for Sciatica (Caused by Piriformis Syndrome)

Piriformis syndrome can causes sciatica (pain that radiates down your leg), but there are some easy exercises and stretches you can do for pain relief. Watch this video series to learn how to lessen your pain and other symptoms.

Sciatica Relief: Epidural Steroid Injection or Oral Steroids?

Sciatica treatment may include a steroid medication to reduce inflammation that causes low back and leg pain. An oral (by mouth) steroid pill (prednisone) may be prescribed or medication may be administer by spinal injection called an epidural or transforaminal steroid injection.

Sciatica in Winter: Does Cold Weather Make Back and Leg Symptoms Worse?

Do cold temperatures worsen sciatica? Most people with sciatica pain say that winter makes sciatic symptoms worse. But is that just anecdotal or are there solid reasons why your sciatica acts up when the mercury goes down?

Sciatica and Radicular (Nerve Related) Back and Leg Pain

Do you have lower back pain or buttock pain that runs down into one thigh or below the knee into the leg? If so, you may have sciatica, a term doctors use to describe compression of the sciatic nerve.

What You Need to Know About Sciatica Now

Spine surgeon discusses sciatica symptoms, causes, diagnosis and non-surgical treatments that manage back pain and leg pain.

Chiropractic Treatment of Sciatica

Chiropractic care is non-invasive treatment for sciatica symptoms. Chiropractors diagnose the cause of sciatica, low back pain, leg pain, and offer drug-free therapies based on the philosophy that restricted spinal movement leads to pain and reduced function.

Exams and Tests for Sciatica

Some tests, such as CT scans and MRIs, may be necessary to help diagnose sciatica or piriformis syndrome.

Sciatica: Symptoms and Possible Causes

Sciatica is a symptom of a lumbar spinal disorder in the low back causing compression of the sciatic nerve. Leg pain is the most common symptom that may be accompanied by leg numbness and tingling sensations.

Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatica is among the most recognizable spinal disorders because of the symptoms it produces. Sciatica’s telltale signs include numbness, muscle weakness, burning, and electric shock-like nerve pain that radiates from the low back down the leg.

How the Alexander Technique Relieved My Sciatica Pain

How the Alexander Technique relieved Evelyn Hess‘ sciatica pain. Her struggles with radiating leg pain and her journey to a pain-free life.

Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis syndrome involves the piriformis muscle a target for repetitive motion injury especially in people who are runners. Piriformis symptoms include buttock pain and if the sciatic nerve is compressed, sciatica.

Sciatica Prevention and Relief

Are you looking for ways to prevent sciatica or manage it with conservative therapies? These wellness tips may help you to prevent or manage an episode of sciatica.

Why Is Sciatica So Painful?

Sciatica is among the most painful types of nerve pain affecting the legs. Sciatica patients often ask, Why is sciatica so painful?

4 Strange Sciatica Causes

4 unusual causes of sciatica pain include specific types of clothing and shoes, and explains how severe sciatic leg pain may result.

Spinal Nerve Disorders

While aging, general health, and lifestyle may influence the development of some conditions, most spinal disorders are known to result from soft tissue injury, structural injury, and degenerative or congenital conditions.

Exercises for Sciatica Caused by Spinal Stenosis

Three home exercises to manage sciatica pain caused by lumbar spinal stenosis in the low back.

Drugs, Medications, and Spinal Injections to Relieve Sciatica

Painful sciatica may be treated using certain medications, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and/or an epidural steroid spinal injection. The lumbar (low back) epidural injection may help reduce nerve inflammation that causes leg pain.

Ergonomics and Sciatica

Reduce sciatica symptoms by applying 6 simple ergonomic tips that can help you manage low back pain and leg pain at work.

6 Little-known Facts About Sciatica

Sciatica is leg pain that starts in the low back (lumbar spine) and travels down the sciatic nerve in one leg sometimes below the knee affecting the foot. It is a lumbar radiculopathy with severe leg pain described as burning, stinging or electric-like shock.

New Technologies for Treating Sciatica and Back Pain

Radiofrequency Discal procedures, along with pain-relieving devices and spinal pumps are among the new technologies used to ease back pain and sciatica that is caused by disc problems.

How Pope Francis Manages His Sciatica Pain

Reports reveal that Pope Francis has been receiving spinal injections and massage therapy to help manage his sciatica.

Sciatica Causes Olivia Newton-John to Postpone Performances

Olivia Newton-John suffers with sciatica causing her to postpone performances. Sciatica's hallmark symptoms include back and leg pain.

Sciatica: Treatment and Recovery

Sciatica is a painful symptom indicating compression of the sciatic nerve. Learn how this condition can be treated without spine surgery.

Sciatica Surgery

One of the most common surgeries to relieve sciatica caused by a herniated disc is a discectomy. Dr. Vaccaro explains that this can be done with a minimally invasive procedure.

Sciatica Video Series

A spine expert, Dr. Alex Vaccaro, explains everything you need to know about sciatica.

Common Terms for Sciatica

Hear an orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Alex Vaccaro, explain several common terms your doctor may use when talking about sciatica. This short video will help you be an informed patient and more fully understand your condition.