Video: Causes of Neck Pain

A Cervical Spine Expert Explains What Causes Neck Pain

To help you understand the causes of neck pain, SpineUniverse brought in Dr. Dan Riew, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center's College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City.  In this video, he goes over the typical causes, such as spinal stenosis and injury to the spine.

Neck pain may develop as you grow older—a natural part of aging as your body responds to years of daily wear and tear on the spine. Among other things, Dr. Riew discusses how your body may form bone spurs in your cervical spine. These are bony overgrowths that can develop when the cartilage on your joints wears away (again, part of the natural aging process). Bone spurs can then press on your nerves and cause neck pain or other symptoms.

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Updated on: 06/19/18