Video Series: Exercises for Herniated Disc

Learn 3 Back Stretches and Exercises

With a herniated disc, you have several options for simple exercises and stretches that may relieve your pain. They all focus on extension of your back—that is, arching your back—because that position has been found to be the most helpful for patients with herniated discs.

Gentle extension (ie, not arching so much that you’re doing a backbend like a gymnast) reduces the pressure on your disc. It does this by putting more pressure on your facet joints, which are parts of your vertebrae that help your spine move so well. With the facet joints carrying more of the load in an extension position, you may find that you have less pain from your herniated disc.

To help you go through your extension exercises, SpineUniverse has put together exercise videos showing what you should do for a herniated disc.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • These videos are general guidelines. You should not do any of the stretches or exercises shown unless directed by your spine professional.
  • If you think of exercising as a 10 mile run followed by weight lifting, you may have to modify your exercise plan because of your pain. Your physician, physical therapist, or other spine professional will help you adjust your expectations within the context of your symptoms from the herniated disc.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard while doing the exercises; you don’t want to injure yourself more. If you experience any pain or other symptoms (weakness, tingling, numbness, etc.), please contact your spine professional immediately.